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    Satellite Communications Equipment Information. Satellite communications equipment is used for the transmission, conditioning, and reception of satellite signals in worldwide telecommunications. General specifications include product type, mounting... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    News Sites Information. News sites are websites that provide timely news coverage, expert opinion, and other information about recent and important events. They are often affiliated with newspapers, magazines, television networks, businesses... Learn More
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    Communication and weather satellites often have a geostationary orbit in which the satellite orbits 35,786km above Earth's equator and has an orbital period equal to Earth's rotational period; the satellite remains suspended over a specific region... Learn More
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    ...providers transmit radio programming via the open airwaves, cable networks, and communications satellites. They differ in terms of cost, coverage and capabilities. Some terrestrial radio and satellite radio service providers offer nationwide or regional... Learn More
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    Mobile satellite and mobile command center services provide setup and installation of mobile communication centers and mobile communication equipment. Mobile satellite and mobile command center services install and configure mobile communication... Learn More
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    Midstream services include the compression, distribution, gathering, and treatment of crude oil, natural gas, or natural gas liquids. Learn More
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    Global positioning system (GPS) instruments and GPS devices are radio-navigational devices that provide accurate position information about objects on Earth, based on information from orbiting satellites. Equipped with rubidium atomic clocks, 24 GPS... Learn More
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    Communication services providers include phone companies, satellite companies, and internet service providers (ISP). Communication service providers include phone companies, satellite companies, and internet service providers (ISP). The market... Learn More
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    Broadcast television and cable television service providers transmit television over satellite, cable networks and over open airwaves. Broadcast television and cable television service providers transmit signals via satellite, cable network, or over... Learn More
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...military applications relied on terrestrial communication systems to collect data in remote locations and broadcast the signals to a geostationary communications satellite. Satellite trucks, which are commonly used in modern Satellite News Gathering (SNG), allow military command centers to gather...

Tilt sensors aren't new, but conditioning electronics improve stability, reduce errors, and make these transducers accurate enough to let antennas lock onto satellite signals. Mobile satellite applications such as news-gathering vans need accurate position feedback from tilt sensors to align...

...measured the mass of that star -- the first time such a feat has been accomplished for any single star other than our own sun. Astronomers Measure Mass Of A Single Star -- First Since The Sun. OSU News Research Archive. Search an archive of past research stories. Coverage of OSU Research. Reports...

...and Minimizing Your HMI/SCADA System Security Gaps. The inherent security of system designs minimizes some risks. The good news is that some vulnerability is minimized by the. nature of system design and HMI/SCADA software design,. Inherent Security Examples. whereby the fundamental principles...

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