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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SuperBud29 Tequipment.Net Applied Instruments Not Provided Satellite Signal Meter (950-2150 MHz) with built-in 21V and 29V modules to power DIRECTV SWM-ODU
SM-10 Tequipment.Net Unisource Not Provided PLL Turning coltrol 950MHz to 2,150MHz Potable Satellite Signal Strength Meter
SM-02 Tequipment.Net Unisource Not Provided 950MHz to 2,150MHz Potable Satellite IF Signal Strength Meter
SF-01 Tequipment.Net Unisource Not Provided 950MHz to 2,050MHz Handheld Satellite Signal Strength Meter
MDU Tequipment.Net Applied Instruments Not Provided PRIVATE CABLE/SATELLITE SIGNAL LEVEL METER
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  • Putting a Lid on Electromagnetic Interference - A Twisted/Shielded Tale (.pdf)
    , for example, cosmic rays—electromagnetic waves. of extremely high frequency—would wreak havoc if the sophisticated, sensitive. electronics demanded by these applications lacked EMI barriers. The current-signal domain is relatively immune to EMI, and, compared to voltage. signals, current signals can run
  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    and other protocols such as Ethernet, DSL, ISDN or satellite communications. ./d00e5d42-5459-4613-87f1-d13325c0f8c5 APPLICATION. NOTES. Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from. Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats. This application note addresses the various. connection of several USB devices
  • US Dynamics Model 475 Rate Gyroscope Technical Brief
    the reader to the basic rate gyroscope functionality. The rate gyroscope is a rate-of-turn transducer. The output signal represents the 'angular degrees per second' (a rate) of a turning maneuver. The output of a rate gyroscope is calibrated in 'millivolts (mV) per degree per second'. A typical rate
  • Wired 11.08: The Super Power Issue8 Super Powers
    Forget Science Fiction. Here's the Science. A miniature version could someday send images not to a tiny display but straight to the user's eyeballs. Already, retinal implants are being used to transform video signals into electrical current that stimulates the optic nerve. "The challenge is to take
  • Accurate Power Measurements Using Spectrum Analyzers (.pdf)
    , measuring the X dB bandwidth of a system. generated signals difficult to measure using standard. - Adjacent Channel Power, measuring the channel power. methods, and quite impossible with RF power meters. and the difference between channel power and adja-. when interferers or other channels are present
  • Measuring Surface Slope Error on Precision Aspheres (.pdf)
    mapping satellite instrument. Examples of mirrors for imaging systems on satellites have typically had surface slope errors called out in units of. microradians. A typical example is “Surface slope errors shall be less than or equal to 50 microradians over the entire. clear aperture. The specification
  • Communicating Machines Are Triggering an Embedded Revolution
    by increasing the efficien-. to handle the message display and. The growth in wireless systems. cy of meter readers and thereby. manage battery power. The on-. has also spurred the development. reducing operating costs. The more. board processor may have a selec-. of M2M applications. While an M2M. meters
  • C-Flex Pivots Go Up In Space (.pdf)
    signal on AMC-6, at 72 degrees west longitude, Transponder. 17C, 4040 MHz, vertical polarization. They’re available in Alaska and Hawaii on an MPEG-2. digital C-band signal accessed via satellite AMC-7, transponder 18C, 137 degrees west longi-. tude, 4060 MHz, vertical polarization. A Digital Video

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