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Parts by Number for Saw Bandpass Filters Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
B39440X6855M100 Digi-Key EPCOS Inc Filters FILTER SAW BANDPASS 44MHZ
B39440-X6965-M100 ASAP Semiconductor EPCOS Not Provided FILTER SAW BANDPASS 5PINS
B39361X6966M100 Digi-Key EPCOS Inc Filters FILTER SAW BANDPASS 36.125MHZ
FAR-F5CH-933M50-L2CM ASAP Semiconductor FUJITSU Not Provided SAW BANDPASS FILTER 933.5 MHZ
FAR-F5CE-902M50-K213 ASAP Semiconductor FUJITSU Not Provided SAW BANDPASS FILTER 902.5MHZ
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  • Useful Definitions for Specifying Anatech Filter Products (.pdf)
    or specifications described below. apply to other Anatech products as wel , such as directional couplers, power dividers, and. circulators. TYPES OF FILTERS. Bandpass filter: Passes energy within a certain bandwidth. and rejects frequencies below and above this bandwidth. Bandstop or band-rejection
  • How to Specify RF & Microwave Filters (.pdf)
    at a specific frequency. The signal propagates from one conductor to the other,. and depending on the number of electrodes and the. distance between them, the filter wil achieve a. specified bandwidth and level of performance. SAW filters are limited to bandpass and duplexer. configurations
  • Ceramic Design Guide
    than al but Surface Acoustic Wave. (SAW) or Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filters. (Figure 1). 1. SAW filter compared to ceramic filter. They can be realized in bandpass. configurations as wel as duplexers, although. not broadband lowpass or highpass filters. because their ceramic resonators
  • rfRXD0420 ASK Receiver Reference Design
    multiplier: ±1720 Hz times. SAW filters require impedance matching. Components. 16 equals ±27.5 kHz the intended receive frequency. L1 and C5 match the antenna to the SAW filter's input. The crystal load capacitance should be specified to. and components L2 and C6 match the SAW filter's. include