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  • ISA AUTOMTN CAN PRVNT NEXT FUKUSHIMA - Automation Can Prevent the Next Fukushima
    … condenser ICFD: In-core flux detector ILW: Intermediate level nuclear waste JNT: Johnson noise thermometer LAN: Local … … disk REM: Roentgen + equivalent + man (REM = 0.01 Sv) RF: Radio frequency RFI: Radio frequency interference RPV: Reactor pressure vessel RTD: Resistance temperature detector RWL: Reference wet leg SCADA : Supervisory control and data … … SIPD: Self-indicating pocket dosimeter SIS: Safety instrumented systems …
  • Subject index
    Falguere, D., + , T-NS Dec 02 2782-2787 Meters; cf. Calorimeters; Dosimeters Michelson interferometers laser interferometry, real-time procedure for noise uncoupling. LHCb front-end electronics board control using SCADA systs.
  • 2013 Index IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science Vol. 60
    Inguim- bert, C., +, TNS Dec. 2013 4067-4073 SCADA systems Marton, Z., +, TNS April 2013 983-987 Microscopic SEM Texture Analysis of NIPAM Gel Dosimeters . Lecoq, P., +, TNS June 2013 1653-1657 Implementation of Noise Spectroscopy Using Biased Large-Area Photodi- odes.
  • 2008 Index IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science Vol. 55
    … 264 Pole-Zero Cancellation Circuit With Pulse Pile-Up Tracking System for Low Noise Charge-Sensitive Amplifiers. Real-Time Fibered Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter Based on SrS:Ce,Sm Phosphor. Hopkinson, G., +, TNS Dec. 2008 3483-3493 SCADA systems .
  • World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering May 26-31, 2012, Beijing, China
    … dose of exposure to external radiation in µSv/h, the POUSHUK Gamma radia- tion dosimeter (ECOTEST company, Ukraine … … processing techniques to produce a desirable foreground object (ideally a human silhouette), including noise removal by median … … Student grant agency SV 4501141 “Biomedical engineering systems VII” and TACR TA01010632 “ SCADA system for control …
  • XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013
    without environmental factors such as noise and interrup- tions that can affect its use. Keywords—Gamma Rays, Radiation, Roentgen, Roentgen Rays, Dosimeter . … supported by the project SP2013/35 “Biomedical engineering systems IX” and TACR TA01010632 “ SCADA system for control …
  • Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering
    com m unications SCADA , … moving parts, high shock tolerance, wide operating frequency range, high sensitivity, and low noise , as well as … Sediment grains act as long-term radiation dosimeters when shielded from further light .
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Control Systems
    CIM/XML documents are from the SCADA system, equipment management system and management information system of safe production. It is hard to avoid electro-magnetic interference noise under test environments, kinds of noises mainly come … … nonconductive polyaniline (PANI) films exposed to gamma radiation for the purpose of gamma dosimeter were presented in …
  • Materials Engineering and Automatic Control II
    Selected electrocardiograph device integrates anti-alias filter and is protected against potential noise generated by digital circuits. … Czech Republic under Project 1M0567 “Centre of applied electronics”, and TACR TA01010632 “ SCADA system for control … Ages calculated using a zeta of 285±12 for dosimeter glass CN5 for zircon.
  • Advances in Computer, Communication, Control and Automation
    Fortunately, the appearance of scintillating fiber and other fiber radiation dosimeters provide a potential solution. … Chen and Tzeng proposed another method to generate random value from a white noise of pictures that … … order to test the network and obtain the following results a JAVA based SCADA interface was implemented.