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  • Subject index
    Falguere, D., + , T-NS Dec 02 2782-2787 Meters; cf. Calorimeters; Dosimeters Michelson interferometers laser interferometry, real-time procedure for noise uncoupling. LHCb front-end electronics board control using SCADA systs.
  • Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security - Volume 4 INDEX, 1:409 Signals intelligence (SIGINT), multilevel security and, 2:1034 Signal-to- noise ratio (SNR), 3... See also Classification Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ( SCADA ) systems, 1:115, 190, 313, 315, 642; 2... ...TlMs) in future terrorist attacks, 1:529 by hazard index, 1:531 RFID dosimeter for exposure to...
  • 2013 Index IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science Vol. 60
    Inguim- bert, C., +, TNS Dec. 2013 4067-4073 SCADA systems Marton, Z., +, TNS April 2013 983-987 Microscopic SEM Texture Analysis of NIPAM Gel Dosimeters . Lecoq, P., +, TNS June 2013 1653-1657 Implementation of Noise Spectroscopy Using Biased Large-Area Photodi- odes.
  • 2008 Index IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science Vol. 55
    ...264 Pole-Zero Cancellation Circuit With Pulse Pile-Up Tracking System for Low Noise Charge-Sensitive Amplifiers. Real-Time Fibered Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter Based on SrS:Ce,Sm Phosphor. Hopkinson, G., +, TNS Dec. 2008 3483-3493 SCADA systems .
  • Study of radiation effects in COTS semiconductors for use in high energy physics experiments
    The Super- visory Control and Data Acquisition system ( SCADA ) and the front-end system. ...separation of the powering is done to avoid and to reduce problems with noise and grounding loops. ...radiation tests (γ-ray test) of the ELMBs, the absorbed dose was measured with L-alanine dosimeters .
  • 2006 Index
    ...M., + , T-NS Aug 06 2385-2391 Control systems; cf. Reduced order systems; SCADA systems Control theory... ...V., + , T-NS Dec 06 3929-3933 micro bolometers having sub nano volt noise floor, front-end... Makowski, D., + , T-NS Aug 06 2008-2015 scintillating fiber dosimeter , single opt. fiber and CCD camera.
  • Plant Services Products
    Siemens' Simatic WinCC SCADA software is now a plant-wide information system Dwyer Instruments' Model SM-100 Digital Sound Meter measures noise levels ... Casella's CEL-320 dosimeter can be used as a personal noise dosimeter or as a...
  • ISA AUTOMTN SYS INST DICT - Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary
    ...packet data; one of the emerging wireless digital communications technologies useful for true SCADA systems, CDPD sends... electronic/electrical system that identifies components and diagrams how they are connected. circuit- noise meter An instrument... Also known as “pocket dosimeter .�? pocket meter A pocket-sized direct-reading instrument for measuring radiation...
  • Instrumentation and Controls Division progress report, July 1, 1982-July 1, 1984. Volume 1
    The AACETS comprises two major subsystems, a supervisory control and data acquisition ( SCADA ) system and smart test... 't in to prevent noise from causing false alarms and alarm clearings for close-to-limit signal... 3.1.10 AN INSTRUMENTAL INHALED SMOKE DOSIMETER FOR THE QUANTITATIVE CHARACTERIZATION OF AEROSOL EXPOSURES .
  • Laboratory directed research and development 2006 annual report.
    Applying New Network Security Technologies to SCADA Systems quantity from background noise generally increases if its magnitude is small compared to that of the background. Remotely Interrogated Passive Polarizing Dosimeter (RIPPeD .