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  • Interface for Laser Scanning Microscope
    This customer needs to interface a scanning laser microscope to their PC so that image data can be acquired and stored. Data is received from the laser microscope via an optical sensor at 1300 line scans per image. Each scan has an 8ms duration, but 2/3 of that time is
  • Cases For Electronics of a Laser Scanning Microscope
    Precision and quality are a priority.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope - Explore the Nanoscopic World
    Electron microscopy allows our electronic failure analysts to take incredible images of a huge variety of defects. From melted silicon to cracked metallization and all points between, the electron microscope is an invaluable tool for inspecting any anomaly. Electron microscopy services
  • Near Field Imaging of a Laser Diode Using Scanning Method
    resolution was approximately 1 um. The measurement setup was constructed on Newport AutoAlign8000 alignment system, which consists of two motion stage stacks and a stationary center post. Beam profiling was achieved by using a high magnification microscope objective and scanning a detector with a pinhole
  • Applications for the IMV-4000 Multi-Channel Infrared Microscope
    Over the last two decades, IR microscopy has been widely utilized to identify increasingly smaller samples. Incorporation of a linear array detector and rapid scanning in a FT-IR microscope permits high-speed FT-IR spectroscopic imaging, with applications in semiconductors, polymers
  • Evaluation of confocal microscopy system performance
    The confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) has been used by scientists to visualize three-dimensional (3D) biological samples. Although this system involves lasers, electronics, optics, and microscopes, there are few published tests that can be used to assess the performance of this equipment
  • Microscopy of Biological Sections using a Low Voltage STEM Technique (S-5200 SEM 102)
    A low voltage STEM technique using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) allows high contrast images owing to high electron scattering and making visible subtle changes of densities and compositions in specimen structures. This technique has long been used for microscopy of unstained polymers
  • Using Space-Age Technology to Open A New Window into the World of Horticulture
    electron microscope, a transmission electron microscope, and a confocal laser scanning microscope that produces three-dimensional fluorescent images. The microscopes have digital imaging features originally developed for telescopes and cameras in the space program to study the surface of planets

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