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  • ADSL Equipment: Application Overview

    Figure 1 for a typical ADSL system architecture. Splitters at the central office end of the line separate voice-band traffic from data traffic and route them to appropriate switching equipment. At the customer premise, both splitter and splitterless configurations exist. Since ADSL equipment connects

  • Gas Discharge Tubes Help Protect VDSL Equipment and xDSL Splitters (.pdf)

    VDSL (very-high-speed digital subscriber line) technology is similar to the well-known ADSL, and facilitates the delivery of information at speeds of up to 52 Mb/s. Standard VDSL deployment uses a frequency spectrum up to 12 MHz, whereas VDSL2 allows for up to 30 MHz as an option. The capabilities

  • High Speed Transmission Equipment (.pdf)

    . Network. ATU-R. data. PSTN. Splitter. POTS. up to 12 kft. Figure 3.7 ADSL Overview. © 2004 Littelfuse, Inc. 3 - 7. SIDACtor® Data Book and Design Guide. +1 972-580-7777. High Speed Transmission Equipment. Protection Circuitry. Longitudinal protection was not used

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  • The real cost of Internet downtime

    Very few companies today can afford Internet downtime, it used to be an inconvenience but is now life or death. The new face of modern businesses has made Internet connectivity mission critical. To reduce downtime significantly, Multenet Technologies has introduced its latest ADSL and 3G broadband router. The MultiGate router is capable of switching between ADSL and cellular GSM network interfaces in case of link failures. More importantly, it can also switch between two cellular service providers for added redundancy, should one become unavailable. This state-of-the-art product is designed and manufactured locally and is the latest in a range of globally recognised networking and GSM products. Multenet Technologies managing director Henry de Ruyter says to gain a firm understanding of the financial impact of Internet downtime, one needs to examine the various subcomponents of downtime costs including revenue, human resources, regulatory and compliance, remedial and reputation impact. “In mission critical environments, the MultiGate router sets new standards in terms of reliability and redundancy, offering 2-tier failover through ADSL and 3G,” he explains. The router’s integrated ADSL interface can immediately detect when the ADSL link disconnects and is capable of automatically switching over to the GSM interface to provide seamless, always-on Internet. The GSM interface can also switch between two different cellular service providers, should either of the connections drop. Phil Blain, the company’s sales and marketing manager, says Multenet’s MultiGate has certainly earned its top spot in the corporate connectivity solutions arena. “It is ideally suited for a vast range of applications that require reliable broadband like remote video monitoring, where Internet downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.” The MultiGate comes standard with a comprehensive feature set including advanced VPN functionality, built-in firewall, advanced routing, ADSL to GSM and GSM to GSM failover, VRRP+ and Dynamic DNS. For more information email or visit or phone +27 (0) 21 905 1369. More about Multenet Technologies (Pty) Ltd ( Multenet Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of a range of networking and communications products. These state-of-the-art products are distributed via an international network of carefully selected and highly qualified resellers to ensure prompt service and local technical support.

  • Multenet Technologies releases ADSL 3G Multigate Router

    The Multenet MultiGate router which is the latest in a range of networking and GSM products by Multenet, is said to be aimed at business where internet downtime needs to be kept to a minimum. “In mission critical environments the MultiGate router sets new standards in terms of reliability and redundancy, offering 2-tier failover through ADSL and 3G. Multenet’s MultiGate caters to a wide variety of applications to earn it a leading role in corporate connectivity solutions.” says Phil Blain, the company’s sales and marketing manager. The router’s integrated ADSL interface can detect when the ADSL link disconnects, and is capable of automatically switching over to the GSM interface to provide seamless, always-on internet. The GSM interface in turn can switch between two different cellular service providers should the connection to one go down. The MultiGate comes standard with a comprehensive feature set including advanced VPN functionality, built in firewall, advanced routing, ADSL to GSM and GSM to GSM failover, and soon to be released features including VRRP and Dynamic DNS. The MultiGate router is available now. For more information on the MultiGate router, visit or contact Multenet on +27 (0) 21 905 1369 About Multenet Technologies Multenet is a developer and manufacturer of a range of networking and communication products. These are marketed via its international network of selected qualified resellers to ensure prompt service and local technical support. Contact For more information, please contact us on: Tel: +27 (0) 21 905 1369 Email:

  • Crossed SMPS MOSFET-based protection circuit for high frequency ultrasound transceivers and transducers

    Background: The ultrasonic transducer is one of the core components of ultrasound systems, and the transducer''s sensitivity is significantly related the loss of electronic components such as the transmitter, receiver, and protection circuit. In an ultrasonic device, protection circuits are commonly used to isolate the electrical noise between an ultrasound transmitter and transducer and to minimize unwanted discharged pulses in order to protect the ultrasound receiver. However, the performance of the protection circuit and transceiver obviously degrade as the operating frequency or voltage increases. We therefore developed a crossed SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) MOSFET-based protection circuit in order to maximize the sensitivity of high frequency transducers in ultrasound systems.The high frequency pulse signals need to trigger the transducer, and high frequency pulse signals must be received by the transducer. We therefore selected the SMPS MOSFET, which is the main component of the protection circuit, to minimize the loss in high frequency operation. The crossed configuration of the protection circuit can drive balanced bipolar high voltage signals from the pulser and transfer the balanced low voltage echo signals from the transducer. Methods: The equivalent circuit models of the SMPS MOSFET-based protection circuit are shown in order to select the proper device components. The schematic diagram and operation mechanism of the protection circuit is provided to show how the protection circuit is constructed. The P-Spice circuit simulation was also performed in order to estimate the performance of the crossed MOSFET-based protection circuit. Results: We compared the performance of our crossed SMPS MOSFET-based protection circuit with a commercial diode-based protection circuit. At 60 MHz, our expander and limiter circuits have lower insertion loss than the commercial diode-based circuits The pulse-echo test is typical method to evaluate the sensitivity of ultrasonic transducers. Therefore, we performed a pulse-echo test using a single element transducer in order to utilize the crossed SMPS MOSFET-based protection circuit in an ultrasound system. Conclusions: The SMPS-based protection circuit could be a viable alternative that provides better sensitivity, especially for high frequency ultrasound applications.

  • Toradex launches Open Source "Viola", a new concept for ultra-low cost customized single-board computers (SBC), starting at $55.00

    Toradex launches ultra-low cost customized single-board computers (SBC) Toradex – a world leading provider of embedded computing solutions based on ARM® CPUs – today announced Viola, a new open source concept for ultra-low cost customized single-board computers. Combined with Colibri VF50 COM, a Freescale® Vybrid™-based Computer-on-Module, a Viola based single-board computer starts at $55.00 for 1K units ($69.00 single unit price) and offers a very interesting set of functions for numerous embedded applications. The Viola carrier board may also be paired with any module in the pin-compatible Toradex Colibri family, thereby offering a variety of Customized SBCs with different performance levels, features and price points. “This development is going to further strengthen our world leading position in the embedded ARM computer modules today. Inserting a Colibri VF50 or any other Colibri module into your Viola carrier board allows you to very economically create your own custom-specific industrial quality single-board computer. This is an ideal choice for cost-sensitive end-products in the most demanding industries without any hidden charges.” explains Ronald Vuillemin, Toradex Chairman. The 4-layer Open Source Viola carrier board, Toradex’s recent addition to its portfolio of carrier boards, measures just 74mm x 74mm, and is compatible with the entire Colibri family of COMs. The long product lifecycle of 10+ years, complemented with the availability of key communication interfaces – including USB 2.0 host and 100 Mbit Ethernet – and a variety of industrial interfaces – such as I2C, SPI, UART and GPIO – makes the Viola carrier board perfectly suited for industrial and embedded applications. Support for LCD panels and touch interfaces is also provided. The schematics, layout, libraries and BOM are all available free of charge in electronic format, thereby enabling a full custom design, if required. The Viola carrier board’s core features and benefits are further explained on[...]. Availability and Pricing The Toradex customized single-board computer (Colibri VF50 & Viola) is available on the Toradex web shop for a price of $69.00 (single order) and $55.00 (bulk order > 1000 pcs). The Viola carrier board is available on the Toradex web shop for a price of $22.00 (single order) and $19.00 (bulk order > 1000 pcs). For more information, please visit[...]

  • Plans Unveiled for World''s Tallest, Pinkest Towers

    The world''s tallest building may just be its pinkest. World Architecture News via Architizer The eternal competition to build the world's tallest building has yielded striking landmarks and spectacular rivalries, both of which have escalated in the past century. With its building boom that started in the 1980s, China may have been a late entry, but it's a force to be reckoned given its penchant for drama and its?tenacity. But its most recent entry, announced last week, has the potential to blow all the others out of the water: the paired Phoenix towers will be built on an island and combine every sort of green technology, both feasible and far-fetched. Plus, they'll be bright pink. The Phoenix Towers will be built in China's 10th-biggest city, Wuhan, which is located in the center of the country. The city is split between the banks of the Yangtze River and riddled with lakes.?Given its proximity to moving water, it's only natural that the towers be built with renewable energy in mind. The taller, "male" tower, named Feng, will loom one kilometer high, its sides equipped with photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine couched in its tapering spire. Its sister tower, Huang, will have walls filled with plants ("green walls"), house insect hotels, and be equipped with biomass boilers, which heat the structures by burning plant fuel. At its base, the towers will collect rainwater. If some of these green technologies seem mysterious to you, you're not alone;?some?reviews?have called the structures an "environmental novelty act" and "a greenwashed dick-measuring contest." The green technologies?predictable at best (wind turbine), over-ambitious (the biggest biomass boilers ever designed) and downright enigmatic (what is a "thermal chimney"?) at worst. But according to?Laurie Chetwood, the founder of British architecture firm Chetwoods Architects that partnered with a Chinese group on the projec,?this over-the-top design was no accident. She?told design magazine?Dezeen,?"In China if you come up with a slightly mad idea, its almost not mad enough...We''ve applied as many environmental ideas as we possibly could to justify the shape and the size of [the towers]." The kicker in this excess is that the steel and lattice that give the towers their structure will be a bright, vibrant fuchsia?to mirror the spectacular sunsets famous in the region, the architects say. And the name, Phoenix, comes from the Chinese phoenix of legend, Fenghuang, which is often represented by both male and female entities.? In fact, much of the towers' significance is more symbolic rather than, well, useful. The Feng ("male") tower can only be inhabited for about 100 floors, or about half of its height;?the rest of the space in that and the other tower is devoted to mechanical and eco-friendly functions.?Those involved in the project have indicated that their primary goal is to create?a spectacular tourist attraction, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in utility."This is a big tourist idea right in one of the largest lakes in Wuhan," Chetwood said.?"[The group that commissed the project is]?turned on to the environmental idea but there''s always obviously the commercial element at the base of it." Some commentators fear that the towers will end up like some of China's other ambitious?construction projects: deserted and eerie, a misguided effort in eco-friendliness. But the plan is to build them in the middle of a huge city, so they won''t be isolated at least. Construction is slated to begin later this year, and surely the most interesting challenges are yet to come.? Schematic of the green technology World Architecture News via Architizer

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Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.

solution. High Speed Connectivity for ISP / Triple Play Devices. As the demand of broadband connections increase for home-communication and entertainment needs, VDSL2 technology is the next step media to support the integration of home service and provide significant faster transmission speed than current cable modems and ADSL technology. The DCE 5224V-DSGFP-48 series applies the EoVDSL (Ethernet over VDSL) to provide up to 100Mbps download capability and brings many Multi-Media services come true...

North Hills Signal Processing Corp.

HYBRID TRANSFORMERS - Power Splitters. For wideband distribution and combination of signals. 50 and 75 ohm models with type BNC connectors are standard. Other impedances and connector types areavailable on special order. Superior isolation between ports and minimal insertion loss. VSWR optimized at each port.

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd.
Custom WDM and Couplers/Splitters

WDM and Couplers/Splitters. Megladon is capable of designing custom CWDM solutions for any deployment criteria. Megladon CWDM modules are custom built to support our customer ’s single fiber transmission needs. We build metal tube, ABS box, plastic module and LGX type assemblies with any major connector type. Megladon Couplers and Splitters are custom built to our customers specifications.  . When Reliability Matters. Demand HLC Products. Megladon designs and builds passive fiber...