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  • ADSL Equipment: Application Overview

    Figure 1 for a typical ADSL system architecture. Splitters at the central office end of the line separate voice-band traffic from data traffic and route them to appropriate switching equipment. At the customer premise, both splitter and splitterless configurations exist. Since ADSL equipment connects

  • Gas Discharge Tubes Help Protect VDSL Equipment and xDSL Splitters (.pdf)

    VDSL (very-high-speed digital subscriber line) technology is similar to the well-known ADSL, and facilitates the delivery of information at speeds of up to 52 Mb/s. Standard VDSL deployment uses a frequency spectrum up to 12 MHz, whereas VDSL2 allows for up to 30 MHz as an option. The capabilities

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  • Schematics for future weapons to be rendered in 3-D

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a 3-D picture worth?

  • 7 Pin Connector to Where?

    Hi, I am recently making a drawing for a schematics. I was asked to use a 7 pin connector which connects to power with a bunch of components on a tracker, such as brakes, lights, etc. Can anyone give me a full list of these typical components that I can get more idea of where the 7 pin connector le

  • Z-Schematic Water Splitting into H2 and O2 Using Metal Sulfide as a Hydrogen-Evolving Photocatalyst and Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Solid-State Electron Mediator

    Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/ja511615s

  • A New Gustometer for Taste Testing in Rodents

    In recent years, to circumvent the interpretive limitations associated with intake tests commonly used to assess taste function in rodents, investigators have developed devices called gustometers to deliver small volumes of taste samples and measure immediate responses, thereby increasing confidence that the behavior of the animal is under orosensory control. Most of these gustometers can be used to measure unconditioned licking behavior to stimuli presented for short durations and/or can be used to train the animal to respond to various fluid stimuli differentially so as to obtain a reward and/or avoid punishment. Psychometric sensitivity and discrimination functions can thus be derived. Here, we describe a new gustometer design, successfully used in behavioral experiments, that was guided by our experience with an older version used for over 2 decades. The new computer-controlled gustometer features no dead space in stimulus delivery lines, effective cleaning of the licking substrate, and the ability to measure licking without passing electrical current through the animal. The parts and dimensions are detailed, and the benefits and limitations of certain design features are discussed. Schematics for key circuits are provided as supplemental information. Accordingly, it should be possible to fabricate this device in a fashion customized for one’s needs.

  • Excel Launches New EXCELERATOR Range

    Excel Networking Solutions, the copper, optical cabling and rack solutions provider, has launched a new range of pre-terminated fibre systems under the EXCELERATOR brand name. Where time is limited on site pre-terminated copper and fibre solutions offer the perfect solution and can save up to 75% of the installation time. The products are fully tested before being delivered, traceable and are backed with the 25 year warranty when installed by an accredited partner. The EXCELERATOR brand summarizes both the speed in which the fibre products can be installed and the product performance they deliver. The EXCELERATOR fibre pre-terminated solutions are available in four different options: Distribution cables - 900 micron tight buffered cables for use in panel to panel applications, such as rack to rack DC and backbone links. Cables can be manufactured using 4 core to 48 core cables. Breakout cables - Jacketed 2mm buffered ruggedized fibre contained, available from 4 core through to 72 core and designed for direct equipment to equipment or patching connectivity. Mini Breakout cables - These trunk cables have a smaller outside diameter compared to breakout cables being designed around 250 micron buffered fibre with fan outs of either 2mm ruggedized fibre of 900?m buffer created by the use of a splitter manifold. These compact cables are ideal for use inside of the fibre panel direct to equipment or as a direct attachment for equipment to equipment, depending on the construction of the breakout. These cables are available from 4 core to 72 core. Each of the above cables are offered as standard with Low Smoke Zero Halogen designs, and can be terminated with a range of connectors with LC and SC being most common. Similarly a range of performance categories from multimode OM1 through to OM4, and singlemode OS2 can be chosen. MTP Solutions - Using the US Conec MTP Elite? connector the Excel MTP solution ensures as standard the markets, lowest loss performance. The range includes a range of high density modular cassette style patch panels, patch leads, trunk cables and fan out cables, supplied in both multimode and singlemode. Tracey Calcutt, Marketing Manager said `We've seen a big increase in both the acceptance and requirement for pre-terminated solutions, particularly within data centre's where the build time is extremely tight. The EXCELERATOR brand helps us to bring our fibre offering together and we are currently developing tools, such as an online configurator which will make it far easier for our customers to choose the right products for each requirement.' The EXCELERATOR products are available across EMEA with immediate effect. For more information on EXCELERATOR and the full Excel range visit www.excel-networking.com

Product Announcements for Schematic ADSL Splitter
Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.

solution. High Speed Connectivity for ISP / Triple Play Devices. As the demand of broadband connections increase for home-communication and entertainment needs, VDSL2 technology is the next step media to support the integration of home service and provide significant faster transmission speed than current cable modems and ADSL technology. The DCE 5224V-DSGFP-48 series applies the EoVDSL (Ethernet over VDSL) to provide up to 100Mbps download capability and brings many Multi-Media services come true...

North Hills Signal Processing Corp.

HYBRID TRANSFORMERS - Power Splitters. For wideband distribution and combination of signals. 50 and 75 ohm models with type BNC connectors are standard. Other impedances and connector types areavailable on special order. Superior isolation between ports and minimal insertion loss. VSWR optimized at each port.

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd.
Custom WDM and Couplers/Splitters

WDM and Couplers/Splitters. Megladon is capable of designing custom CWDM solutions for any deployment criteria. Megladon CWDM modules are custom built to support our customer ’s single fiber transmission needs. We build metal tube, ABS box, plastic module and LGX type assemblies with any major connector type. Megladon Couplers and Splitters are custom built to our customers specifications.  . When Reliability Matters. Demand HLC Products. Megladon designs and builds passive fiber...