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  • SMR-4820 Compact Microwave Search Receiver

    controlled 140 MHz IF output is provided with 80 MHz bandwidth. An integrated demodulator provides AM detection and FM demodulation when the IF output is set to 70 MHz.

  • Design of a Diversity-Antenna Receiver System as Applied to the Satellite Radio Service (.pdf)

    . uninterrupted program availability to the listener. For a long time, vehicle manufacturers tolerated the. Delphi has been in development of an SDARS diversity. presence of visible, external antennas for AM/FM use,. receiver system over the last two years; having. but in the last few years more

  • Control of the Low Frequency Generators in the Avionics Mode (.pdf)

    and. VOR waveforms. w w For the ver y latest specif ications visit. Introduction. VOR Mode. Avionics receivers for VOR and ILS provide demodulated audio. In the VOR mode the signal generator is set to composite AM. outputs that are used to drive aircraft cockpit display unit con

  • Low Cost Switched Diversity System (.pdf)

    is superimposed on the RF cable. algorithms and decision logic are implemented in the. as shown in Fig. 2. The RF cable carries the RF signal,. DSP. The DSP implementation is more flexible than an. the IF signal, and a DC control signal (if needed for AM. analog structure because of the many features

  • Design Considerations for High-End Consumer and Pro-Audio Equipment

    Designing high-end consumer and professional audio equipment requires considerable audio application expertise and state-of-the art components. To achieve the highest possible performance, some audio designers rely on discrete components to create their AM/FM receiver designs. However

  • Weatherproof Outdoor Keypads for Audio System

    the legends on the buttons, facilitate through-seal operation, be easily integrated into their keypad design and be mounted to a standard outdoor electrical box. 22.2518.P5 22.2518.P5 10/24/02 10:35 AM Page 5

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  • Re: Low Voltage Spark Gap

    Always glad to hear your take on things, Winfield. We utilize matched pairs of transzorbs in a different circuit (not from my OP) in a communciations system. Yes, they will continue to function as surge suppressors for many years, but degrade the circuit (data receive) to the point of needing repla...

  • Re:R/C Electrics

    For the record; are you actually using an "electric R/C motor" used for flying an aircraft? You mentioned a gear reduction system. You need to be more specific of your proplem using the proper terminology for your problem. Your R/C servo unit, when used in its' properly designed orrientation, will h...

  • Increasing Gain of Low-Noise Microwave Amplifier Design

    Sir I, Devesh, M.Tech II-year, SVNIT Surat, wants to know how we can improve the gain of LNA without inceasing stages of amplifier. I am giving some details of LNA design. Thanks PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS 0F LOW NOISE MICROWAVE AMPLIFIER...

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Avago Technologies
MicroPOD™ and MiniPOD™ Transmitters/Receivers

MicroPOD ™ and MiniPOD ™ 120G/150G/168G Transmitters/Receivers  . As part of the Atlas Optical Engine product family, the MicroPOD ™ and MiniPOD ™ embedded optical transmitter/receiver modules provide unparalleled channel density, system bandwidth, and design flexibility for board and system level interconnect. These devices are designed to maximize the delivery of 12x10Gbps, 12x12.5Gbps and 12x14Gbps embedded optical solutions targeting high-density backplane...

Canadian Industrial Radios & Controls (CIRC)
Service & Repairs For Transmitters & Receivers

CIRC can service and repair select brands of transmitter systems and parts including: Handheld Transmitters. Console Box Transmitters. Receivers. Electronic Boards. Programming. For more information, please contact us.  

Avago Technologies
Miniature Link Fiber Optic Receivers AFBR-24x9xZ

The AFBR-24x9Z series components provide cost effective, high performance fiber optic communication links for information systems and industrial applications with link distances of up to 3 km. The receivers are directly compatible with popular "industry-standard" connectors: ST ® and SMA. They are designed for use with 62.5/125 μm multi mode fiber. Features. RoHS-compliant. Works with Avago HFBR-14xxZ (820nm LED) and HFBR-1712TZ (850nm VCSEL) transmitters. Data transmission at signal...