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  • Electronic Cooling
    All electronic components, from computer chips to high-end power converters, generate heat, and rejection of this heat is necessary for their optimum and reliable operation. As electronic designs require higher power transfer in more compact enclosures, dissipating the heat load becomes a critical
  • Electronic Kiosk
    Electronic kiosks are used to provide free public service information, to serve advertising or to sell products and services directly by placing an interactive computer terminal in a public location such as an airport or shopping mall. Though some kiosks store data locally, many modern kiosks
  • Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits
    Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits. This comprehensive text describes just about all semiconductor devices and their industrial applications illustrated with numerous practical examples, and detailed instructions for using MATLAB to obtain accurate and quick solutions.
  • The electronic systems saga
    European Automation has published a slideshare detailing the latest developments of the Electronic Systems Challenges and Opportunities (ESCO) report.
  • What are Electronic Filters?
    Real-world signals contain both wanted and unwanted information. Therefore, some kind of electronic signal filtering technique must separate the two before processing and analysis can begin. Every electronic design project produces signals that require electronic signal filtering, processing
  • Electronic Cable Assemblies
    Electronic cable assemblies are found on medical products, military equipment, industrial controls and machinery, and all kinds of consumer electronics. Electronic cables can be defined as cables that transmit control signals or information, or that supply low current power typically below 5 amps
  • Motor Selection for Electronic Pipetting
    The pipette is a basic fluid control tool for transferring tiny amounts of liquids. Electronic or motorized pipettes are an ergonomic alternative to manual pipettes and an efficient way to increase sample throughput with precision and accuracy.
  • AN0012 Electronic Lighting Ballasts
    All fluorescent lamps require a ballast to provide the electrical power to preheat the lamp electrodes, strike the lamp, provide the running power and control the discharge current. This can be achieved by either electromagnetic or high frequency electronic ballasts. With the introduction of new
  • Electronic Medical Record System
    The IT-based operational renovations can be effectively accelerated through the use of a wireless LAN system that enables flexible network construction. CONTEC's wireless LAN technologies are playing an important role in medical revolution centered around electronic medical records
  • EMC Simulation for Electronic Products
    By law, products must comply with international EMC standards which have been developed to regulate electromagnetic emissions and the susceptibility of. electrical and electronic systems. Striking a balance between EMC and competing design requirements poses major challenges to engineers
  • Cooling Systems for Electronic Enclosures
    This white paper discusses four popular options. for cooling electronic/electrical equipment housed. in enclosures and cabinets. These options include. thermoelectric air conditioners, compressor-based. air conditioners, vortex coolers and air-to-air heat. exchangers (heat pipes). Each cooling
  • Motor Follower - Electronic Gearing
    can be made as simple or as complex as needed. Applications for encoder tracking include electronic gearboxes, conveyor belts, electronic cams, and web processors. Many control applications require the coordination or synchronization of two or more axes of motion in a specific pattern. The most
  • Electronic Tickets Solution (.pdf)
    to assure for these if we only use the traditional management system for conducting and checking, at least we could not obviate the safety hidden trouble. Therefore it is very necessary to introduce the electronic ticket system.

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