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  • Controlling DC Brush Motor with H-Bridge Driver ICs (.pdf)

    and low cost. Equally important, advanced, fully-integrated "H-bridge" ICs are available to control the motor's direction, speed and braking.

  • MSK4225 Closed Loop Controller

    The MSK4225 is a MOSFET H bridge with internal gate drive and a PWM. generator, all in one convenient package. This configuration can be used to control a. variety of loads, such as a brushed DC motor or a voice coil. Because of the internal. PWM generator, all the user needs to do is provide

  • Servo Control of a DC Brush Motor

    logic device (PLD), and a single-chip H-bridge driver. Such a system might be used as a positioning control-ler in a printer, plotter, or scanner.The low cost of imple-menting a servo control system using the PIC17C42 allows this system to compete favorably with stepper motor systems by offering

  • Introduction

    in optimal state estimation. These topics include unscented filtering, high-order nonlinear filtering, particle filtering, constrained state estimation, reduced-order filtering, robust Kalman filtering, and mixed Kalman/H filtering. Some of these topics are mature, having been introduced in the 1960s

  • Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Sensors: Theory and Applications

    AMR magnetic field sensors were briefly introduced in the December 1998 issue of Sensors ("A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing "). Now we take a closer look at the way they work and where they are used. Michael J. Caruso and Tamara Bratland, Honeywell, SSEC. Carl H. Smith and Robert

  • Wireless and secure

    over a wide frequency spectrum, the signal power falls near or within the noise floor, making these signals extremely difficult to detect, intercept, or jam and, when combined with AES, virtually impossible to crack, " says H. Timothy Cooley, senior scientific engineer at Sandia. The large available

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  • Re: Tmote for PWM

    Thanks for the responses. I'm trying to get some working knowledge of this, and every place I look either shows an h-bridge some hobbyist made, or h-bridge schematics. So, I could output an analog voltage signal from the mote, and the h-bridge would use that signal? Can I use encod...

  • Re: Grid Connected PV System

    dear umer i am an automation engineer ,after the googling i got the information which i will like to share with you. Operating a renewable energy system in parallel with an electric grid requires special grid-interactive orgrid tie inverters (GTI). The power processing circuits of a GTI are simil...

  • Consistent Blown Fuses

    CONSISTENT BLOWN FUSES I am tasked to repair a PCB card for an old transducer box without the schematic diagram. Problem: The fast blow 1A fuse in the card keeps blowing off. After tracing part of the circuitry on the card, I deduced that it was a power supply card with two dc outputs,...

  • Re: Universal Stepper Driver

    First, you are mixing terms in ways that prove that you do not understand what you are doing. To drive one coil with a true H bridge topology requires four transistors as can be seen here. [To see where this schematic came from just click on the schematic.] This circuit is for driving a single coil...

  • Re: Grid-Tie Inverter Design

    Hello, I'm building a grid-tie inverter of my own. I have yet to prototype the unit but if the specs of the components I'm using on my design are any indicator, my unit shall have the following specs... Voltage = 120VAC Peak Apparent Power = 2400VA Peak Current = 20A Duty =...

  • Re: Transformers Connected In Series

    Your description is fuzzy. A schematic would be a lot better. A rectangular shape from a full bridge? I would expect DC. Are the transformers in series to increase the voltage rating? the power rating? Are they designed for 8kHz? Were the outer secondaries measured? How much voltage was applied to t...

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MSK Products
MSK4204RH complete H-Bridge PWM Amplifier

The new MSK4204RH is a complete H-Bridge PWM amplifier intended for use in space applications. Rated at 10 Amps continuous (23 Amps peak) and 70 volts maximum, this device features internal PWM generation (adjustable to 50 KHz maximum) and shoot-through protection. An on-board +5 volt linear regulator provides up to 500mA separately for powering other components nearby if desired. The MSK4204RH is Total Dose rated to 100K RAD and has a high resistance to Single Event Effects (SEE), Single Event...

MSK Products
MSK4231RH - Rad Hard 10A/100V Bridge Motor Driver

The MSK4231RH is a 10A/100V rad hard dual, independent MOSFET H Bridge with gate drivers for dual winding stepper motor drive capability.     It is constructed in a convenient isolated hermetic package with total dose hardness to 100Krads. The logic input and bridge output have a common return; the input is not electrically isolated from the output. Provisions for output stage isolation must be made externally. Each high side drive has the capability of connecting external capacitance...

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.
Planar XY Air Bearing Stage: How does it work

off-center. Watch Video Animation: https://www.youtube.com/embed/l2B12U6NtQw?rel=0. Special Preloading Improves Stage Performance. The PIglide HS uses magnetically preloaded air-bearings on the Y axes, and a vacuum preloaded X-Y puck that floats on the reference surface. The cross-beam mounts to the Y axis via a highly engineered flexural coupling that provides yaw-compliance without sacrificing system stiffness. H-Bridge Design with Active Yaw Control. The gantry axis is a dual air-bearing H-bridge...