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...and low cost. Equally important, advanced, fully-integrated "H-bridge" ICs are available to control the motor's direction, speed and braking....

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The MSK4225 is a MOSFET H bridge with internal gate drive and a PWM. generator, all in one convenient package. This configuration can be used to control a. variety of loads, such as a brushed DC motor or a voice coil. Because of the internal. PWM generator, all the user needs to do is provide...

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...logic device (PLD), and a single-chip H-bridge driver. Such a system might be used as a positioning control-ler in a printer, plotter, or scanner.The low cost of imple-menting a servo control system using the PIC17C42 allows this system to compete favorably with stepper motor systems by offering...

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AMR magnetic field sensors were briefly introduced in the December 1998 issue of Sensors ("A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing "). Now we take a closer look at the way they work and where they are used. Michael J. Caruso and Tamara Bratland, Honeywell, SSEC. Carl H. Smith and Robert...

Show More optimal state estimation. These topics include unscented filtering, high-order nonlinear filtering, particle filtering, constrained state estimation, reduced-order filtering, robust Kalman filtering, and mixed Kalman/H filtering. Some of these topics are mature, having been introduced in the 1960s...

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...over a wide frequency spectrum, the signal power falls near or within the noise floor, making these signals extremely difficult to detect, intercept, or jam and, when combined with AES, virtually impossible to crack, " says H. Timothy Cooley, senior scientific engineer at Sandia. The large available...

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