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  • Advantages of Semiconductor Laser Diodes Versus Helium Neon Gas Lasers

    Although HeNe gas lasers offer exceptional reliability and optical quality, users are quickly replacing them in their OEM applications with semiconductor laser diode technology. Laser diode modules offer many physical and electronic advantages over HeNe lasers. HeNe gas lasers provide superior

  • Fundamentals of Lasers

    of the presence of astigmatism (see Diodes vs. HeNe). The output power specified is the maximum power value of the laser light after the beam exits the laser housing; in other words, power is rated after passing through (but not before) any optics. Values stated are typically within +/-10%. The light

  • What Is a Ballast Resistor and Why Should I Use One?

    A ballast resistor is a mechanism placed in series with a HeNe gas laser anode. The unit works to promote a stable electrical discharge and to prevent the laser from oscillating. The rating of the ballast resistor must be high enough to stop the oscillation, yet low enough to prevent unnecessary

  • Helium-Neon Lasers

    A helium-neon (henceforth abbreviated HeNe) laser is basically a fancy neon sign with mirrors at both ends. Well, not quite, but really not much more than this at first glance (though the design and manufacturing issues which must be dealt with to achieve the desired beam characteristics, power

  • Understanding Spatial Filters

    Laser Objectives are designed for HeNe lasers (632.8nm) and provide the smallest spot sizes possible. Choosing the correct pinhole and objective combination will yield optimal results. The following equations were used to determine the values for the Aperture Selection Chart.

  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Oct '99)

    Matrix S200 metrology systems for CMP and etch provide application-specific sets of metrology techniques. The S200 CMP system has a 5 ' 10-mm-spot, 633-nm HeNe laser ellipsometer for measuring on-product substrate n and k and a 2.5-mm-spot, 470 905-nm reflectometer for measuring film thickness

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  • SPI??JK Lasers--?????????

    ???????--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(??????)--??????????????SPI Lasers????JK Lasers??2015?4?15????????????????????????JK Lasers???100????????1760??????????????????????????? JK Lasers???GSI????????40?????????????????????????????4????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? JK Lasers???????????SPI Lasers??????????????????????JK Lasers???????????42,000??????????????SPI Lasers????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? SPI Lasers?????Christian Schmitz???"??SPI Lasers???????

  • SPI??JK Lasers--???????????

    ???????--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(??????)--??????????????SPI Lasers????JK Lasers??2015?4?15????????????????????????JK Lasers???100????????1760??????????????????????????? JK Lasers???GSI????????40?????????????????????????????4?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? JK Lasers???????????SPI Lasers??????????????????????JK Lasers???????????42,000??????????????SPI Lasers????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? SPI Lasers???Christian Schmitz??????SPI Lasers????????

  • SPI acquires JK Lasers - One company, stronger together

    SOUTHAMPTON, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of Fiber Lasers announces the acquisition of JK Lasers with effect from April 15, 2015 to enhance its high power Fiber Laser portfolio. With almost 100 employees and annual sales of 17.6 million euros, JK Lasers is one of the world''s leading manufacturers of high-power Fiber Lasers for industrial use. JK Lasers, until now a member of the GSI Group, has more than 40 years of experience in industrial Laser deve

  • Riassunto: SPI rileva JK Lasers: una sola azienda, pi? forti insieme

    SOUTHAMPTON, Inghilterra--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SPI Lasers, importante progettista e produttore di laser in fibra ottica, annuncia l''acquisizione di JK Lasers, con effetto a partire dal 15 aprile 2015, per migliorare il suo portafoglio di laser in fibra ad alta potenza. Con circa 100 collaboratori e un fatturato annuo di 17,6 milioni di euro, JK Lasers ? uno dei principali produttori mondiali di laser in fibra ad alta potenza per uso industriale. JK Lasers, che faceva parte del gruppo GSI, vanta olt

  • SPI acquiert JK Lasers - Une seule entreprise, l'union faisant la force

    SOUTHAMPTON, Angleterre--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SPI Lasers, un concepteur et fabricant de premier plan de lasers ? fibre optique, annonce l'acquisition de JK Lasers, avec effet le 15 avril 2015, pour am?liorer son portefeuille de lasers ? fibre optique de grande puissance. Avec pr?s de 100 collaborateurs et un chiffre d''affaires annuel de 17,6 millions d'euros, JK Lasers est l'un des plus grands fabricants mondiaux de lasers ? fibre optique de grande puissance destin?s ? une utilisation industrielle.

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Kryton Engineered Metals, Inc.
Laser Cutting

As an innovator in the industry, Kryton Laser Cutting is always on the leading edge of technology. Kryton Engineered Metals has consistently shown how customized, high quality, manufactured metal products can be produced at a reasonable cost within production schedules that exceed customer expectations.

KENTEK Corporation
Laser Crystals

Kentek manufactures and repairs solid state laser crystals for linear and diode pumped applications. We can customize dimensions, end configurations and coatings to fit your application or you can order an exact replacement for your OEM laser. We have the tooling to mount and align crystals within holders and flow tube assemblies. Laser Dopent Materials: Chromium, Erbium, Holmium, Neodymium, Thulium, Titanium, Ytterbium. Laser Host Materials: Alexandrite, Forsterite, Glass Phosphate, Glass...

KENTEK Corporation
Laser Flowtubes

Kentek has a wide selection of Flowtubes available, with many in stock and others built with short lead times. Using our extensive database of laser and intense light systems, we can help you replace your flowtubes quickly and at low cost. Materials: Pyrex®, Clear Fused Quartz, Cerium Doped Quartz, Samarium Doped Quartz, Synthetic Fused Quartz, Titanium Doped Quartz. Coatings: We can provide antireflection coatings to boost linear diode pumped applications. We can provide silver and gold...