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  • Scientific CMOS Technology - High Performance Imaging (.pdf)
    Many scientific imaging applications demand multi-megapixel focal plane sensors that can operate with very high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Furthermore, it is often desirable that these sensors are capable of delivering rapid frame rates in order to capture dynamic events with high temporal
  • Welcome to Advanced Imaging's 2007 Imaging Solutions of the Year
    to Computed Tomograph Increasing the Accuracy and Quality of Cancer Diagnosis Scientific Imaging the Surface of Mars Imaging to Identify Harmful Insect Specie Defense, Security & Law Enforcement Automating Aerial Refuelling for UAVs Seeing the Way Clear for Bomb Disposal Machine Vision GigE Vision TM
  • Multispectral Imaging -moves into the mainstream
    to very expensive, bulky. or from a longer range. atmosphere and common optical glasses. and custom-built systems for laboratory. absorb heavily in that region. Systems. and government applications. Systems. for scientific or industrial process. in Earth orbit required public funding. [ A fused
  • Multi-Spectral Imaging
    for most imaging applications. The measured. diffraction efficiency at 488nm is about 70%. The Bragg-matched incident angle is 450 at 632nm. A commercially. available, scientific grade, CCD camera was used with a local computer for all data recording. It had a 1024x1024. detector array and 10-bit
  • Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging - Preface
    Preface. Diffraction and imaging are central topics in many modern and scientific. fields. Fourier analysis and sythesis techniques are a unifying theme. throughout this subject matter. For example, many modern imaging. techniques have evolved through research and development with the. Fourier
  • High Speed Imaging of Small Objects
    optics and lighting, combined with a matched high-speed camera, even the tiniest high-speed events can be imaged, recorded, analyzed, and quantified to fulfill any scientific or engineering need. For more information about how a Phantom camera can meet your small object imaging needs, please contact
  • Case Study: Imaging Makes Agriculture Greener
    )Germany (Deutsch)中国(中文). Corporate. Products. Sales. Support. News. Login. Products. Cameras. Software. Accessories. Application Markets. Industrial inspection. Medical Imaging. Scientific Imaging. Security & Traffic. Logistics. Multimedia & Entertainment. Legacy. Case Studies. Industrial Inspection
  • Introduction to Color Imaging Science
    Introduction to Color Imaging Science. Suitable for scientists and engineers in the color imaging industry, this comprehensive guide to scientific and engineering principles of color imaging covers physics of color and light, how the eye and physical devices capture color images, and more

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