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  • Journal of Aircraft > Aerodynamic characteristics of scissor-wing geometries
    ...the results of a study of the zero lift wave drag of the scissor -wing configuration as... Figure 13 shows zero lift wave drag vs Mach number for the baseline and the scissor-wing configuration at various sweep angles . Both configurations had a generic cone- cylinder fuse- lage and used the NACA 64A006 wing airfoil section.
  • CR4 - Thread: Scissor Lift Design Calculations
    -stress on the center pin of scissor lift (what formula and procedure -stress on the ram angle (lower where cylinder is attached to - what formula and procedure .
  • Drive Solutions
    Scissor mechanisms are used in scissor- type elevating platforms in production and logistics processes to achieve short-travel lifting movements (Fig. 4-37). These mechanisms can be pow- ered by hydraulic cylinders , electrical spindle drives, eccentric mecha- nisms or cables. Due to the geometry, an angle correlation exists between the motor speed and the lifting speed.
  • Drive solutions
    The scissor mechanisms by scissor stroke tables in production and logistic processes are used to carry out the stroke movements with limited path (Abb. 4-37). These devices can over hydraulic cylinder , over electrical spindle drive units over eccentric or to be driven... Is an angular relationship present because of the geometry between engine speed and stroke speed.
  • Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2007
    Vertical motion is generated by a modified scissor lift mechanism. Two such mechanisms actuated independently provide vertical motion and elevation an- gle . For both stages, actuation is provided by custom pneumatic cylinders described in Section 2.3.
  • Oil hydraulic system
    ...652 circuit example of hydrostorages 734 switching valve technique 73 foam behavior 200 shear stress 193 shearing... Pivoting housing 315 pivoting motor, 467 465-executed of hydraulic 456 swiveling motor construction type swiveling motor selection, methodical 464 pivoting carriages 318 pivoting screw joint 690 swiveling angles , of maximum 464 pivoting... ...the motor 389, the cylinder 498 vibration characteristic value... ...450, 454 plug-in armature 700 stay, hydraulic 154, 158 steep threaded-rotating- stroke -cylinders 480 steep...
  • (
    ...part of a bolt between the thread and the head'). g(104135738,' cylinder forming a long... ...the head and shoulders'). g(104138119,'a medieval oboe'). g(104138204,'a large edge tool that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it'). g(104138343,'large scissors with strong blades'). g... ...chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail... ...of a military uniform to indicate rank'). g(104159179,'a hand tool for lifting loose material; consists...
  • CR4 - Thread: Calculations for Scissor Lift
    The Website mentioned on Charlotte's original post shows a large (and rather elegant) scissors lift . Be aware that the angle Phi must be measured when the lift is at its lowest position. ...shows a horizontal actuator, but the actual picture shows what appear to be two vertical hydraulic cylinders .
  • Thermal Load in a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine with EUI System
    The metal temperatures of a cylinder head, a cylinder liner and a piston were measured with K-type thermocouples and a scissors type linkage system. 2 The temperatures of a cylinder liner are lowered by reducing the spray cone angle of nozzle holes, increasing the flow rate of a injection nozzle, and increasing the injection cam lift rate.
  • Scientific intelligence
    This I have accomplished by interposing between the toes, at their roots, a cylinder of soft, rolled... ...of the nail is buried, and this ]asVappears to be creat- ing great irritation, it is necessary to gently raise the border of the nail by seizing the corresponding anterior angle with forceps, and then, with delicate scissors , the free lateral margin... ...scraped thin upon its [tor- sum, and the patient should be directed every day to lift the .
  • Technical fluid mechanics
    ...245 work, specific technical 70, atmosphere 39, 215 imprinting force 22, 26, 27 buoyancy , dynamic 179, 236... ...281 speed number 130, 195 rectifiers 226 hydrodynamic 138, 290 sliding bearings, sliding angle 241 sliding number... ...surface 61 control room 61 coordinate system, körperfestes 45, 208 -, raumfestes 45 circular cylinder umströmung 228, 233... ...118, 282, 288, 289 column flow critical 162, 184 sound barrier 179, 251 shear rate 11 shear...

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