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Parts by Number for SCR Control Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SCR215E PLC Radwell Kanson Electronics Inc Not Provided CONTROL
SCR215E PLC Radwell Honeywell Issc Not Provided CONTROL
SCR215E PLC Radwell Honeywell Not Provided CONTROL
SCR51B PLC Radwell Fmc Not Provided CONTROL
SCR215E PLC Radwell Issc Not Provided CONTROL
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  • Ammonia Sensor for Closed-Loop SCR Control (.pdf)
    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the dominant solution for meeting future NOx reduction regulations for heavy-duty diesel powertrains. SCR systems benefit from closed-loop control if an appropriate exhaust gas sensor were available. An ammonia sensor has recently been developed for use
  • Model Based Control of SCR Dosing and OBD Strategies with Feedback from NH3 Sensors (.pdf)
    This paper presents a model-based control system for SCR urea dosing employing an embedded real-time SCR chemistry model and a NH3 sensor. The control algorithm consists of a number of control features designed to enhance ammonia storage control and closed-loop compensation using the mid-brick NH3
  • Solving SCR Line Voltage Notching
    /EMI Filters. Solving SCR Line Voltage Notching. When Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR's) are used in electrical controls, we frequently experience line voltage distortion in the form of "notches " in the waveform. The types of equipment that frequently utilize SCR control schemes and thus
  • Wiremesh Substrates for Oxidation, TWC and SCR Converters (.pdf)
    and channels are used as carriers of diesel oxidation catalyst, three way catalyst and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) NOx catalyst. Wiremesh materials are chosen not only to withstand corrosion and erosion environments but also durable at maximum continuous operating temperature and peak thermal spikes
  • Monitoring, Feedback and Control of Urea SCR Dosing Systems for NOx Reduction: Utilizing an Embedded Model and Ammonia Sensing (.pdf)
    This paper presents a monitoring, feedback and control system for SCR urea dosing utilizing an embedded model and NH3 sensing after the SCR for loop closing control. Microsoft Word - SAE_2008-01-1325_final.doc SAE TECHNICAL. PAPER SERIES. 2008-01-1325. Monitoring, Feedback and Control of Urea
  • Power Plant SCR Units and Ammonia Safety Measures
    Selectrive Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems will be installed on 100,000 MW of U.S. coal-fired generating capacity by 2004. SCR investment for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) control will be the largest for any control strategy implemented to date. Many oil and gas-fired generating stations, industrial
  • A Review of Solid Materials as Alternative Ammonia Sources for Lean NOx Reduction with SCR (.pdf)
    at exhaust temperatures below 200 oC. Microsoft Word - 2009-01-0907 final 2-2-09.doc 2009-01-0907. A Review of Solid Materials as Alternative Ammonia. Sources for Lean NOx Reduction with SCR. Gary Fulks, Galen B. Fisher, Ken Rahmoeller, Ming-Cheng Wu and Eric D’Herde. Delphi Corporation. Julian Tan
  • Phase Control Using Thyristors (.pdf)
    Due to high-volume production techniques, thyristors are now priced so that almost any electrical product can benefit from electronic control. A look at the fundamentals of SCR and triac phase controls shows how this is possible. Phase control is the most common form of thyristor power control

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