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  • Vibration: A look into machine dynamics
    Engineers use 3D to analyze vibration dynamics within a laser scribe machine. The 3D dynamic analysis tool used for this examination may help you select parameters you can use to improve machine operation.
  • [Chapter 6] 6.2 A Case for Study<
    Lenny, on our staff, was having difficulty converting a document coded for Scribe to our macro package, because of font changes. The problems he encountered are quite interesting, apart from the task he was trying to do. The Scribe convention for putting text in a bold font is: This font change
  • Laser Scribing of Ceramics
    in the automotive industry, amplifiers in telecoms and military applications. It is principally scribed, 60% cut and then broken. The performance of the SPI 200W fiber laser for the scribe and Break of alumina investigated here. Above 350 Hz repetition rate, (20% duty cycle, 40W average power) there was a clear
  • TA015: Dicing Improvements: Yield Enhancement, Throughput Increase and Die Size Reduction
    improvements have been made in the post-fab area of the Walker building to meet the challenge. Both the saw and scribe / break processes have been streamlined. New materials are being used to dice the wafers in both methods, providing greater speeds as well as reliability. As a result of improvements
  • Fiber Laser Cutting of Silicon
    ") thick and 100-300mm(4"-12") diameter. Traditionally silicon wafers have been cut with diamond saws, occasionally using a scribe and break process, which have the limitation that they can only cut straight lines and suffer from edge chipping, and frequency doubled vanadate lasers which are both slow
  • Compact slide helps "board breaker " squeeze into cramped quarters
    . The singulator, developed by TSG Automation, Ivyland, Pa., automates the process of breaking ceramic snapstrate panels into individual parts used to produce hybrid components. The machine features dual breaker units that both clamp and strip to insure a clean break on the scribe line. At the first
  • Laser Scribing Thin Film Molybdenum for Photovoltaic Cells
    . Of the major types of thin film solar cells, one of the most widely exploited to date is based on a CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) active layer. These cells typically use a thin layer of molybdenum as a back contact layer deposited directly onto the glass. Laser scribing or 'cutting
  • Semiconductor Micromachining Using Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers
    ) industries for aplications including wafer dicing, scribing, direct via forming, and three-dimensional structuring. In the current study, two Qswitched and one mode-locked diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) 355 nm lasers have been used to scribe grooves on silicon and sapphire wafer substrates

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