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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FAS101-68 PIN SMT ASAP Semiconductor QLOGIC Not Provided Driver for SCSI chip
SFD001162-00 ASAP Semiconductor MPC Not Provided SFO LSI U160 SCSI CONTROLLER DRIVERS MPC

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  • Using the TC1264 for Single-Ended SCSI Active Termination
    for proper operation. peripherals to be added to a computer with no hardware changes. 3. The current available to any signal line driver shall not. The SCSI standard provides three electrical configurations: exceed 48mA when the drive asserts the line and pulls it to. single-ended, differential, and Low
  • Using a USB Flash Drive with an Embedded Host
    . SCSI Command Support. Generic Microchip. Source Files. +. Include. Mass Storage Client Driver (AN1142). +. USB. USB Embedded Host Driver. USB Header Files. (AN1140/1141). Generic Microchip. Header Files. +. USB. MASS STORAGE CLIENT DRIVER FOR USB. + Documents. EMBEDDED HOST. Client Driver. Directories
  • Computer Power User Article - Quest For Speed
    initial setup to load third-party SCSI or RAID drivers. When prompted, we pressed and inserted the floppy disk. The WinXP installation utility found all the drivers on the disk and let us choose the appropriate driver. We pressed ENTER, and WinXP copied the files to the
  • USB Mass Storage Device Reference Design Programmer's Guide
    . Device. Application. d. Compact. Flash. SCSI. File System. Memory. 0 USB Mixe. 4. Card. Sector Server. C8051F3. SD /. MMC. Media Access. Memory. SPI. Card. C8051F340-TB Target Board. AB5 Memory. Expansion Board. Figure 3. USB MSD RD System Architecture. Rev. 0.1. 3. AN282. Example. File System
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- Hard Drives
    . If an expansion card handles data flow to your hard drive (the drive s data cable connects to a card instead of the motherboard), it might be listed under SCSI And RAID Controllers instead. When you suspect your hard drive is having problems, before you do anything else, open your computer s case
  • ADC2000-PCI "Unrecognized by Windows" Solution
    Delay for. SCSI/HDD, Post Delay, or Delay (in Seconds). Typically, you can set the Delay option to 10. seconds to fix the ADC2000-PCI boot problem. Each system has different boot times, so you. may have to adjust this delay a few times before the correct timing is implemented. 4. If your system does
  • USB Mass Storage Class on an Embedded Host
    Storage Client Driver. Application. The Mass Storage Client Driver is installed as a part. of complete USB Embedded Host support package,. File System Support. available from the Microchip web site. ( Refer to “AN1140. USB Embedded Host Stack” for more information on. SCSI
  • USB User Guide
    . div_647. - 0 items. Shop By Category. Adapters. Coax Adapters / RF Adapters. IEEE-1394 FireWire Adapters. SCSI Adapters. USB Adapters. Video / Monitor Adapters. Audio Video Monitor Cables. RCA Audio Video Cables. VGA - SVGA Monitor Cables. DVI-D Cables (Digital DVI). DVI-I Cables (Analog+Digital). DVI
  • USB Tutorial
    . Home Theater Cables - Audio, Video. IEEE-1394 FireWire Cables. Internal Power Cables & IDE Floppy Cables. Keyboard, Mouse Cables (PS2, AT). Modem & Null Modem Cables. Printer Cables - USB , DB25. SCSI Cables. Serial ATA. Video Cables - KVM, VGA, BNC, Sun. USB Cables. Networking. CAT5E / CAT6
  • Design Concepts for A 588 Channel Data Acquisition & Control System (.pdf)
    of the active channels. Figure 4. JAGUAR Input Daughter Card. The Mdsp3 board supports commercially available PCI Mezzanine SCSI disk controllers. The. VxWorks RTOS can also be configured to support SCSI throughput disk (TPD) drives. The. Spectral Dynamics’ acquisition I/O driver allows

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