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  • Guide to Networking Cables
    . GPIB Extender Adapter. HDMI Cables (High Speed HDMI). HDMI Cables (High Speed HDMI). HDMI to DVI Converter Cables. Power Cords. Domestic Power Cords. International Power Cords. QSFP Cables • QSFP+ Cables. 3M™ QSFP Active Optical Cables. QSFP+ Cables (QSFP Plus). QSFP to 4 x SFP+ Splitter Cable
  • HDTV User Guide
    - Double Shielded. GPIB Extender Adapter. HDMI Cables (High Speed HDMI). HDMI Cables (High Speed HDMI). HDMI to DVI Converter Cables. Power Cords. Domestic Power Cords. International Power Cords. QSFP Cables • QSFP+ Cables. 3M™ QSFP Active Optical Cables. QSFP+ Cables (QSFP Plus). QSFP to 4 x SFP
  • USB User Guide
    . div_647. - 0 items. Shop By Category. Adapters. Coax Adapters / RF Adapters. IEEE-1394 FireWire Adapters. SCSI Adapters. USB Adapters. Video / Monitor Adapters. Audio Video Monitor Cables. RCA Audio Video Cables. VGA - SVGA Monitor Cables. DVI-D Cables (Digital DVI). DVI-I Cables (Analog+Digital). DVI
  • IEEE-488 Tutorial
    ) or a combination of both. In-Line / Linear Configuration. Physical / Star Configuration. As with many products in the electronics industry, there are a few different names for the same thing. GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus), HPIB (Hewlett Packard Interface Bus), and IEEE-488 (Institute of Electrical

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  • Data collection system. Volume 1, Overview and operators manual; Volume 2, Maintenance manual; Appendices
    The microVAX-lls use an IEQli Q bus-to-GPIB bus converter, which differs from the DEC VLCs that use an iEZ11 SCSI - to - GPIB bus converter .
  • Performance of flash ADCs in the 100 MHz range. I. Test bench and preliminary results
    Communication between the computer and the test bench is via the SCSI port. A SCSI to CAh4AC crate controller [3] provides communication with a single CAMAC crate containing two special... A bus converter [4] allows GPIB communication with a function generator [SI,synthesized signal generator [6] and a digital oscilloscope (71.
  • Multisensor Instrumentation 6 Design: Defined Accuracy Computer-Integrated Measurement Systems
    Differential amplifiers (continued) input errors, 29, 30 Digital- to -analog converters : applications, 114, 118, 142, 149, 158, 199 binary codes, 103 circuits, 105 device errors, 102, 167 differential nonlinearity, 101 interpolative, 142–144 LSB equivalents, 109 multiplying, 106 peripheral interface, 106 R –... ...98, 105 elemental circuit, 31 gain-bandwidth, 33 inverting, 32 parameter errors, 42–45 slew rate, 39, 40 stability, 32 types, 33 Oversampling, in signal recovery, 142 Parallel buses: GPIB , 188, 190, 192, 204... ...PCI, 188, 189, 202 SCSI , 188, 202 PID controller...
  • An investigation of methods of pileup rejection for 2-D array detectors employed in high resolution PET
    This time was measured with a time-to-amplitude- converter (TAC), which received the start signal from... All data was collected through a Macintosh I1 Cx equipped with a SCSI to GPIB interface board to allow the use of the IEEE-488 fast communication standard (1 Mbyte/s).
  • Search results for PXI Drivers
    ...standard, 4 GB maximum 10/100/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit) Ethernet, ExpressCard/34, 4 Hi-Speed USB, GPIB , serial, and other... NI PXI-8431/8 (RS485/RS422) - High-Performance, 8-Port Serial Interface for PXI Minimal CPU usage with DMA transfers Memory mapped to prevent I/O resource conflicts Certified Windows quality driver for quick installation Includes converter cable ( SCSI -68 to 8 DB-9 male...
  • Standard missile all up round (AUR) testing on a common munitions standard test equipment platform
    It would also contain the latest storage media hardware, RAID controller and be able to support RS-232, SCSI -2, LAN, Ethernet, GPIB , MXWXI, serial, parallel and other standard interfaces. The items in the LF Subsystem include a Digital Multimeter (DMM), Function Generator, Digitizer, Digitizing Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generators(AWGs), UniversalCounter and Digital to Analog Converters (DAGS).
  • Computer automated data acquisition and control for measurement of scintillation materials and scintillating fibers
    This controller comes with a set of drivers that allow the user to read and write to the GPIB through the SCSI bus. done to speed up the data transfers by using C for theprogram language and building Assembly language library routines. A LeCroy 2249W 12 channel CAMAC ADC (Analog to Digital Converter ) will be used formany of the...
  • Data acquisition with Masscomp
    ...point processors and array processors o Can utilize up to 2 CPU's o SCSI tape drive; 142... Front end modules available are clocks, signal conditioners, filters, sample and hold modules, multiplexers, digital- to - analog converters (D/A), analog-to-digital converters (A/D), serial and parallel digital I / O , a GPIB interface, and an...
  • What is virtual instrumentation?
    Finally, there must be an analog- to -digital converter to allow the data to be transformed into digital format for further manipulation. Using any of the myriad formats from RS 232 to GPIB to USB to Ethernet to SCSI , the interface between the components can be balanced for speed.
  • VEE Pro: Practical Graphical Programming
    These drivers are available for GPIB and other non-VXI instruments. VXI provides scalable, configurable solutions that adapt to your unique measurement situation, allowing you to tradeoff cost... ...test system products (continued) VXI Instrument Control Software VXI Interconnect & Wiring VXI Mainframes VXI Matrix Switches VXI Microwave Switches VXI Multiplexer Switches VXI Oscilloscopes VXI RF Multiplexer Switches VXI Scanning A/D Converters /Closed Loop Control VXI SCSI System Disks VXI Special...
  • Chapter 8: Conclusions On GlobalSpec
    Choices include Fibre Channel, FireWire or IEEE 1394, GPIB , serial, parallel, patch, SCSI , Ethernet and USB. Customer Spotlight - Isolated USB to 16 Serial Ports Tips for Using Port Powered Converters .
  • LabVIEW based Advanced Instrumentation Systems
    The converter is defined by its resolution and sampling frequency. 1 Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation – Wired Interfaces are usually standard parallel interfaces, such as GPIB , Small Computer Systems Interface ( SCSI ), system buses (PCI eXtension for Instrumentation PXI or VME Extensions for Instrumentation (VXI), or serial buses (RS232 or USB interfaces).