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  • Re: Missing in Action...

    I guess I can try to give a better answer. How this could be done is an issue I don't have an answer for. Maybe manufacturer's would step up to the plate. If I recall correctly there was a brush manufacturer that posted a few brush tutorials. This might be an opportunity for the Globalspec business...

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  • Xerium Expands Huydura Family of Dewatering Wires for Twin Wire Presses and Double Wire Presses

    YOUNGSVILLE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xerium Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:XRM), a leading global provider of industrial consumable products and services, recently launched the Huydura family of dewatering wire technology for twin wire presses and double wire presses for pulp production. The innovative Huydura portfolio now includes three product tiers providing the industry's most advanced pulp-making wire technology. Huydura AP, Huydura HD, and Huydura XL are specially engineered to provide optimum

  • BiTMICRO Networks and NextCom Announce Product Certification and Interoperability

    BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., maker of intelligent flash IDE/ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel solid-state disk storage solutions, today announced at the West 2006 show in San Diego, Cali., the completion of product certification of NextCom LLC''s next-generation mobile servers and workstations with BiTMICRO''s E-Disk® flash Solid-State Disks (SSDs).

  • Steam Tables

    (Metric and US units) This program provides the thermodynamic properties of water using IFC formulation for industrial use. Knowing any two properties, the user is able to completely define the properties of water/steam. Unlike most steam table programs, this program also provides the user with the point''s location on the T-S diagram. Multiple points can be connected by a line, defining the user''s process system. It even gives you the steam quality.

  • Center Doorknob Handle Lock Set

    I noticed the use of a door knob located in the center of the door on a few BBC shows, even versions with the knob below or above the latch and strike horizontal line. Does anyone have a diagram of the mechanics involved? I suspect it some sort of rack and pinion or similar linkage. Thanks

  • Moving Violations Video No. 94: Creative Wiring Arrangement

    In this episode, Russ shows us an installation that violates the requirements of Sec. 314.3 of the 2014 NEC. read more

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