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  • Re: Missing in Action...

    I guess I can try to give a better answer. How this could be done is an issue I don't have an answer for. Maybe manufacturer's would step up to the plate. If I recall correctly there was a brush manufacturer that posted a few brush tutorials. This might be an opportunity for the Globalspec business...

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  • BiTMICRO Networks and NextCom Announce Product Certification and Interoperability

    BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., maker of intelligent flash IDE/ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel solid-state disk storage solutions, today announced at the West 2006 show in San Diego, Cali., the completion of product certification of NextCom LLC''s next-generation mobile servers and workstations with BiTMICRO''s E-Disk® flash Solid-State Disks (SSDs).

  • Breaker Tripping Remotely

    Dear experts, please help me to get a wiring diagram and selection criteria for interposing relay for tripping breaker at HV side of Generation transformer using a potential free contact of RTU (ABB 511).what are detail i have to consider for this application. Please Help me. Regards Rahul

  • Solid-Liquid Equilibrium and Phase Diagram for the Ternary Succinic Acid + Glutaric Acid + Water System

    Journal of Chemical & Engineering DataDOI: 10.1021/je5003785

  • Designing better materials for the 21st Century

    (University of California - San Diego) The US Defense Department recently named Jian Luo, professor of nanoengineering and materials science and engineering at the University of California, San Diego as one of 10 new National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows. The award provides up to $3 million over five years to develop a new materials design tool called interfacial phase diagrams.

  • How amphibians crossed continents: DNA helps piece together 300-million-year journey

    A professor has succeeded in constructing a first-of-its-kind comprehensive diagram of the geographic distribution of amphibians, showing the movement of 3,309 species between 12 global ecoregions. Armed with DNA sequence data, he sought to accurately piece together the 300-million-year storyline of their journey.

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Electro Standards Laboratories
Breakout Box for Testing HSSI / SCSI-2 Networks

Model 800 HSSI (SCSI-2) Interface Breakout Box. Small Computer System Interface (SCSI). High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI). Features: Allows the user to access and monitor any of the signals that pass through the unit uninterrupted via test point pins. Included with the breakout box are 15 one-foot mini patchords that plug into the test points. 50 pins on front panel allow access to all interface signals. Input output connectors are female 50-Pin SCSI-2 (Mini-50). Rugged aluminum case...

Powell Electronics, Inc.
3M Mini Serial Attached SCSI Cable Assemblies

3M Adds Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Cable Assemblies to its Leading-Edge Twin Axial Cable Platform. The flat, foldable and pliable design of the 8F36 Series high performance cable assemblies utilizes 3M's ultra-low-profile, high speed, high signal density Twin Axial Ribbon Cable SL8800 Series, making this new assembly from 3M less than half the thickness of conventional miniSAS. Due to the attributes of the SL8800 Series cable, the 8F36 Series cable assembly is ideal...

Liberty Electronics, Inc.
Wiring Harnesses

Our wiring harness product line includes: Light duty wire harness, heavy duty wire harness, precision wire harness, 3D harnessing, harness assemblies protected by either metal overbraid or tape, overbraided assemblies with multiple types of exterior protection from abrasion. Wiring harnesses from 5 to 1000 plus conductors in any type of configuration. EMI shielding of harnesses, and braided jacket where required. Wiring harnesses with lengths exceeding 100 feet. If drawings or specifications...