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Parts by Number for Seal Ring Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SR-09-HD   Sealcon LLC O-rings If NEMA 4x or 6 (European IP 68 - submersible) is required, O-Rings or Seal Rings (ordered separately) should be used when mounting Strain Relief Fittings to a control panel, secured with a locking nut. The Straight Strain Relief fittings feature a molded O-Ring groove. For these fittings...
8500-10   Enting Water Conditioning, Inc. O-rings Seal, O-Ring-121
8500-11   Enting Water Conditioning, Inc. O-rings Seal, O-Ring-123
970041921   Parker Hannifin China Hydraulic Filters The Seal-Lok fitting is the Tube Fittings Division's most recently developed fitting. It was introduced in an effort to eliminate leakage in hydraulic systems and allow higher operating pressures. The Seal-Lok fitting is an O-ring face seal type fitting that consists of a nut, a fitting body...
Seal Rivets   ZaGO Manufacturing Company, Inc. Rivets Seal Rivets. Z āGO ’s family of seal rivets is designed to be a powerful sealing solution. An "O" ring is applied inside a groove under the rivet head that, when compressed, forms a complete seal against air, gases, liquids and other contaminants. Materials are available in a variety
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  • Debond Rubber Seal from Steel Oil Seal Ring (.pdf)
    Induction heating provides highly accurate placement of heat (no effect to surrounding components), faster and more efficient process and even distribution of heating
  • Seal Selection Guide
    and hardness also play a role in the seal 's resistance to compression. That 's why selecting a rubber seal is a task that varies in complexity. The O-ring is a simple, standardized design that 's used worldwide because it addresses many needs. Profile gaskets are more complex, and require both the buyer
  • How the Static O-Ring Seal Works
    , the O-ring is squeezed between the O-ring groove and the mating surface. An elastomeric O-ring will resist this squeeze or deformation and by attempting to return to its original shape will exert a force on the mating surfaces. This produces a seal in the areas where the O-ring contacts the mating
  • Tri-Seal Connections
    between the central copper or elastomeric gasket and the flange faces. The o-ring is held in place by a central retainer or center ring. Tri-Seal flanges with copper gaskets can provide leak tightness down to 10-13 torr or up to 300 psi. Tri-Seal flanges with elastomeric seals can provide leak
  • KlickFix offers more than 3 times the life of mechanical seal
    - specials. Seals in PTFE & plastics. Deina seal. Hydra seal. Seal jacket materials. Special designs of PTFE seal. Spring & 'O' ring materials. Uni-Seal. Static Seals. 'O' rings. Furnaces, Crucibles, Boilers. Inflatable seals. Oilfield products. Tank lid seals. Tension Control Fasteners. RotaBolt
  • Edge-Seal Mounting Support for Diesel Particulate Filters (.pdf)
    Due to the large sizes, high bulk densities and high thernal expansion coefficients of diesal particulate filter (DPF) substrates, conventional mounting systems fail to provide sufficient mounting pressures. L-Seal mounting supports used in DPF applications not only provide these forces but also
  • Relating material tests to Seal Performance
    Test reports provide a wealth of information for specifying seal materials. Dan Ewing Testing material hardness, fluid compatibility, compression set, and other factors helps predict how O-rings will perform in the field. When specifying seals for hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluidhandling systems
  • Liquid Gasket for Seal and Valve Servicing
    , and saltwater re-injection. To enhance the life of pumps used with aggressive liquids, liquid gasket should be applied to certain mating. surfaces during maintenance. The application of the liquid gasket in o-ring and seal crevices and metal mating. surfaces provides an environment in which
  • The Latest in Slewing Ring Bearing Technology
    slewing ring bearings possess low moisture absorption and corrosion-resistance and so do not require a cover or seal around the slewing ring when used in wash-down applications. Sliding slewing ring bearings can also be used in medical and lab equipment, solar panels, food processing and packaging
  • Odd-Shaped Seal Stops Random Leaks
    O-ring, exerts a positive retaining force in the O-ring face seal (ORFS) fitting groove that prevents it from falling out or getting pinched in the connection. Compared with conventional O-rings, Trap-Seal has a larger overlap between the

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