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Parts by Number for Seal Tight Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EWN0704154509000 PLC Radwell Siemens Building Technologies Not Provided SLEEVE FOR OIL-TIGHT SEAL FOR 1PH716
2VB1 PLC Radwell Honeywell Microswitch Sensors & Switches, Limit Switch LIMIT SWITCH OIL-TIGHT SEAL
1545.20.1.12 Digi-Key American Electrical Inc Cables, Wires - Management CABLE GRIP IP68 NYLON TIGHT SEAL
142-00188 Digi-Key HellermannTyton Cables, Wires - Management S20 GRN PULL TIGHT SEAL 6" SEQ
142-00223 Digi-Key HellermannTyton Cables, Wires - Management S30 BLK PULL TIGHT SEAL 9" SEQ
142-00187 Digi-Key HellermannTyton Cables, Wires - Management S20 BLK PULL TIGHT SEAL 6" SEQ
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  • Seal & Gasket Design
    With thirty-five years of seal and gasket design experience, Lauren knows what you want. Vertically integrated from the ground up, we have tight control of our own materials and formulate high-quality compounds that meet all of our customers' requirements. You can depend on Lauren to produce
  • The Click-N-Seal
    component is either over or under compressed by over or under tightening the fitting. The end result is an improper seal. A threaded fastener must often apply substantial force to the compressible component, up to 35 lbs, to achieve a proper seal. The ideal way to gauge and apply the correct amount
  • Seal Strength and Package Integrity Testing for the Food Packaging Industry
    The growth of barrier and retort pouch use in food packaging is a powerful driving force behind the need to define, standardize and institute critical seal strength and package integrity tests. Implementation of quantitative, repeatable package testing will help to ensure pouch quality, safety
  • Odd-Shaped Seal Stops Random Leaks
    confirmed that random seal loss or failure was the cause, engineers at Parker Hannifin 's Tube Fittings Div., Columbus, Ohio, recommended a different O-ring that would virtually eliminate the possibility of seals misaligned or popping out during assembly. Parker 's Trap-Seal, a trapezoidalshaped
  • Case Study:Customized Seal Solution For Cooper Perkins
    turnaround on a tailored seal that met our tolerance and compression factors at a reasonable price. Vicone was able to deliver the solution much quicker than anyone else. ". Vicone 's solution. Vicone designed a custom seal solution and delivered the fast turnaround that Cooper Perkins needed - supplying
  • Ensuring Tight Seals (.pdf)
    of the labyrinth. ior of abradable coatings against. strips and abradable coatings of labyrinth seals. seal rub grooves into abradable. alloy seal strips under different in-. lands on the stator, which permits. cursion conditions. This facility,. tight assembly clearances without. built in 1988, has since
  • "Tight " is not necessarily leaktight
    between the sealing surfaces of a male connector and a tube or hose end. Typically, a coupling nut applies compressive clamping stress or preload that maintains the metal-to-metal seal. This preload also keeps the coupling nut from backing off. The amount of preload varies directly with the number
  • Tight seals for the long haul
    A few tips about seal ratings will help designers find that optimum seal for exterior automotive joints. Poron material resists compression longer and at higher temperatures than other elastomers. Obviously, tiny water molecules that penetrate exterior automotive joints will wreak havoc