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  • Choosing the Right Fluid Connector for Your Liquid Cooling Application - Part 1: Fittings
    on these fittings occurs between the flank, crest, and root of the two joining metal surfaces. Because galling and tearing of the joining metal surfaces can occur during installation, it is imperative to apply a lubricant or sealant on the male threads to prevent damage. A popular thread sealant
  • Field Installation of Thermocouple & RTD Temperature Sensor Assemblies (.pdf)
    : CAP. BODY. FOLLOWER. SEALANT. Figure 2. Packing glands are used to seal temperature probes, cables, or tubes, preventing leakage of gas or liquids and. preserving vacuum or pressurized atmospheres within a vessel. The elastomeric materials used in the seal permit easy
  • Medical Device Link . Coating and Surface Treatment Technologies
    , low-stress films of virtually any coating material--including metals and ceramics--onto most substrates. Like ion implantation, IBAD is a low-temperature process that is similarly controllable and reproducible. IBAD applications include deposition of infection-resistant coatings or sealant coatings
  • Medical Device Link . Biomaterials Research Focuses on Developing New Applications From drug release to tissue scaffolding, new biomaterials and engineering techniques may change the way we think about medicine.
    technology to make a cryoprecipitated clotting factor that can function as an autologous surgical glue; Fusion Medical Technologies, Inc. (Mountain View, CA), whose lung-surgery patch was the first surgical sealant to receive FDA market clearance; and CryoLife, Inc. (Kennesaw, GA), which offers
  • Medical Device Link .
    flow-control apparatus was reached. After completing the low-flow-rate tests, a final test at the calibrated 1000 cm3/min rate was run to check for any drift in the sample that might have been caused by the collected aerosol particles. After this test series, the hole was plugged with an RTV sealant
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Pumps
    . is provided. They can usually provide about 20 percent higher vacuums because the lubri-. cant acts as a sealant between moving parts. And they usually last about 50 percent longer. than oil-less units in normal service because of their cooler operation. They also are less. subject to corrosion from
  • Thermometer Installation, Operation and Maintenance (.pdf)
    Thermometer should be considered. Mounting. A suitable thread sealant is required for NPT threads such as pipe dope or Teflon® tape. Never use any part of the. thermometer other than the hex nut that is on the stem of the thermometer just above the NPT threads for installation. Always tighten
  • Novel Testing and Quality Control
    Names Lighthouse Molding Exclusive Agent For Hot-Melt Resins. Characterizing PSAs by Rheology. MACtac® Receives UL Recognition on Overlamination after Printing on Durable Films. 5 Trends Impacting the Adhesive and Sealant Industry. Recent Discussions. - Natural Rubber Latex Adhesive Issues. Director

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