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  • Getting Heat Out of Sealed Power Supply Enclosures
    In harsh environments where a sealed enclosure is necessary, baseplate cooling is a simple and inexpensive solution to thermal management of power supplies, says Peter Blyth, XP Power. A new approach using discrete components can make baseplate cooled power supplies smaller, more efficient and more
  • Sealed tight but sounds right
    There are numerous ways of getting audible alerts out of sealed cabinets. You've verified your equipment design meets all the relevant environmental standards. The enclosure is sealed tight against all outside conditions. As you tick off each specification, there's a nagging feeling you've
  • Six Tips for Selecting a Sealed Electrical Enclosure & Cooling Package
    equipment generates a significant amount of heat that must be removed from the enclosure, and sealed electrical enclosures cannot rely on traditional ventilation or fans for cooling. Thus, closed loop cooling is needed to ensure internal temperatures are maintained at safe levels.
  • Multi-point Latching
    Conventional and unconventional ways to optimize multi-point latching for NEMA 4 and GR 487 enclosures for lower cost and better sealed enclosures.
  • How Enclosure Air Conditioners Improve Plant Operations
    There are a variety of plant conditions that can warrant the use of enclosure air conditioners to keep your electrical equipment running well. When an air conditioner is used in conjunction with a properly sealed electrical enclosure, the closed loop cooling system can mitigate a many issues.
    Electrical and electronic equipment, as well as components, are typically housed in an electrical enclosure designed to provide protection from the external environment. However, even with a sealed enclosure the introduction of moisture and water can result from a variety of circumstances. Once
  • Good vents make good housings
    The right vent can stop electronics from corroding and failing. W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. Edited by Stephen J. Mraz A sudden cold snap can mean big pressure differentials between the inside and outside of a tightly sealed enclosure. If the pressure inside drops enough, it will pull in water
  • Whole lot of shakin' goin' on
    . Isolation systems to attenuate floor vibration are widespread and magnetic shielding, active cancellation, and image processing can eliminate EMI. Using a sealed enclosure around the tool reduces transmission of acoustic noise. Unfortunately, these enclosures are not always used since they require
  • Making PCs and Monitors Function Safely in Explosive Environments
    these enclosures is to keep electronics that have the potential of producing sparks or high temperatures isolated in explosive environments. This is accomplished by placing the electronics (PC or monitor) in a stainless steel (Nema 4x) enclosure that is sealed against entry to the outside atmosphere
  • IP Ratings for Proximity Sensors (.pdf)
    The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) established a classification system to rate the degree to which the enclosures of electrical components are sealed against the intrusion of foreign bodies such as dust and moisture.

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