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    Gaskets are mechanical devices used to provide a leak-tight seal between two slightly irregular mating surfaces, such as an enclosure and its doors and accessories. In many indoor and outdoor applications, a properly mounted, well-performing gasket is critical to the protection of sensitive
  • Good vents make good housings
    The right vent can stop electronics from corroding and failing. W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. Edited by Stephen J. Mraz A sudden cold snap can mean big pressure differentials between the inside and outside of a tightly sealed enclosure. If the pressure inside drops enough, it will pull in water
  • Electronic Enclosures - Closing the Door on Sealing Problems
    Some manufacturers of electronic cabinets use off-the-shelf weatherstripping to seal gaps between the housing and door. Often, these weatherstrip materials are just fillers that form a static seal. They're not meant for dynamic sealing, and demonstrate poor compression set recovery
  • Can you still see me now?
    An ultrasoft seal cushions delicate components and keeps dust from infiltrating displays in handheld electronics. Cell-phone designers rely on a range of urethane foams to seal and cushion delicate components from consumer abuse. Poron Soft Seal urethane foam (bottom) conforms around 0.3 mm corners
  • Sizing up Hinges
    Real-world analysis prevents premature failure, overdesign, and seal compromise. The question of hinge strength often arises during the design of an enclosure. Determining the strength of the individual hinges is fairly straightforward, but relating the strength predictions to real-life situations
  • Every Millimeter Counts:Right-Sizing for Instrument Cases (.pdf)
    this be done without the high costs of tooling from scratch? How can costs be kept low for prototypes or low volumes?. Modularity. There are virtually limitless design possibilities for electronic enclosure design. For various types of instrument cases, it can be difficult to find the appropriate size
  • Flowmeters Benefit From Silicon Advances
    Unique Sanitary Seal Variflux 6000 sanitary magmeter features a unique L-shaped sealing ring with a uni-directional trapezoidal lip which, unlike regular O-rings, eliminates the problem of bacteria growth by preventing expansion of the rubber seal into the measuring tube. Ultra-smooth tube liner
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Medical devices and instruments are generally considered among the most reliable assemblies that can be manufactured. One reason for this is the typical quality of the hermetic seals in such products. The achievement of hermeticity is the process by which
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    north and south poles is placed near the Hall element inside the bearing seal. When the ring spins, the waterproof Hall sensor provides an output signal that determines the speed (and position) of the ring. A single or dual Hall-effect sensor brings the signal out to a waterproof industrial-grade
  • Designing For Manufacturing: Don't Forget the access hardware
    the enclosure against dust, water, and other contaminants. Compression latches are often used in applications that require EMI/RFI shielding, environmental gasket compression, and complete sealing against contaminating or corrosive environments. There are two types of compression latches
  • What is Advanced Aseptic Processing?
    , representing, we believe, the first such discussion in a public forum. At that time, only two advanced aseptic technologies were discussed: isolators and blow-fill-seal. Recently, an advanced technology that fills product into a sealed sterile container has been introduced, and restricted access barrier

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