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  • Secondary Containment - Sulfuric Acid
    Two of the chemical storage tanks' secondary containment area, which was constructed out of concrete and coated with epoxy paint, was beginning to deteriorate. With common spills associated with a sulfuric acid and caustic soda storage, an environmental problem could have been a result.
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . Random-Access Memory
    gives you more room to live, memory gives your computer programs more room to run. All computers have three major categories of storage: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The categories are based on how fast the storage is. Primary storage is the main memory of the computer and the focus
  • Medical Device Link . Effect of formulation on lyophilization, part 1
    . For example, a vaccine formulation may still be effective and safe to use after several days of storage at 4 C. After about a week of storage, it must be discarded. However, if the kinetic clock for degradation of the vaccine could be slowed so that 1 second was extended to 1 hour, then the useful life
  • Assure Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Quantify product uniformity within a batch. To justify the time limits set for bulk storage, assay methods may be used to monitor active ingredients and the presence of any degradation products between the time that product is formulated through the end
  • Using Cymbet TM EnerChip TM Batteries Instead of Coin Cells and Super Capacitors (.pdf)
    Primary and secondary (i.e., rechargeable) coin cell batteries, as well as super capacitors, have been in use for years as auxiliary power sources for applications including SRAM, real-time clocks, and microcontrollers. Now, a new type of rechargeable battery is available from Cymbet Corporation
  • International Power Sources Symposium by Andrew Ritchie | September 2007 | A B T |
    of subjects on power sources was covered: batteries (lead-acid, primary and secondary lithium and lithium thermal), fuel cells, solar cells, super-capacitors and applications (national power supplies, supplies for small islands, hybrid systems, military). Sessions covered battery design, chemistry, redox
  • Medical Device Link .
    in a medical device package that costs too much, adds to the waste stream and frustrates the end user because additional storage space and disposal costs are required. If medical device manufacturers are not taking adequate measures to reduce costs, they will not be competitive in the future
  • Switching power supply design rules
    , and magnetic storage in the leakage inductance. The leakage inductance of transformer T1, is modeled as the inductor Lr in series with the secondary, and the capacitor Cr is across D2. The inductor stores energy as current, ), and the capacitor stores energy as voltage, Both diodes, D1 and D2, transfer

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