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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SDCFH-16384-388 Perfect Parts Corporation SANDISK CORP Secondary Storage Controller 10 Mbps, IDE COMPATIBLE, FLASH MEMORY DRIVE CONTROLLER, XMA50
MTFDDAK128MAM-1J1 Perfect Parts Corporation MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC Secondary Storage Controller 6000 Mbps, FLASH MEMORY DRIVE CONTROLLER, XMA
MD2534-D2G-X-P/Y Perfect Parts Corporation SANDISK CORP Secondary Storage Controller FLASH MEMORY DRIVE CONTROLLER, PBGA115
MD2202-D192 Perfect Parts Corporation SANDISK CORP Secondary Storage Controller FLASH MEMORY DRIVE CONTROLLER, PDIP32
USB2244-AEZG-05 Perfect Parts Corporation MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC Secondary Storage Controller FLASH MEMORY DRIVE CONTROLLER, QCC36
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  • Secondary Containment - Sulfuric Acid
    Two of the chemical storage tanks' secondary containment area, which was constructed out of concrete and coated with epoxy paint, was beginning to deteriorate. With common spills associated with a sulfuric acid and caustic soda storage, an environmental problem could have been a result.
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . Random-Access Memory
    gives you more room to live, memory gives your computer programs more room to run. All computers have three major categories of storage: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The categories are based on how fast the storage is. Primary storage is the main memory of the computer and the focus
  • Flyback Transformers (FBT)
    the transistor is energized in the first part of the switching cycle, the energy is stored in the primary coil; the switching of the transistor causes the energy to be transferred to the secondary and the load. It is fundamentally more of a frequently switching isolated energy storage inductor.
  • Medical Device Link . Effect of formulation on lyophilization, part 1
    (secondary drying). The nature of the formulation determines: Because time is equated to productivity, the formulation affects not only the process and
  • Using Cymbet TM EnerChip TM Batteries Instead of Coin Cells and Super Capacitors (.pdf)
    Primary and secondary (i.e., rechargeable) coin cell batteries, as well as super capacitors, have been in use for years as auxiliary power sources for applications including SRAM, real-time clocks, and microcontrollers. Now, a new type of rechargeable battery is available from Cymbet Corporation
  • Switching power supply design rules
    , and magnetic storage in the leakage inductance. The leakage inductance of transformer T1, is modeled as the inductor Lr in series with the secondary, and the capacitor Cr is across D2. The inductor stores energy as current, ), and the capacitor stores energy as voltage, Both diodes, D1 and D2, transfer
  • Assure Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products
    degradation of the API alter the desired secondary, tertiary or quaternary structure of a peptide or protein product allow polymerization, aggregation or denaturation of active ingredients that have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic character. For biopharmaceuticals, conformational changes should
  • Medical Device Link .
    include a thorough review of the secondary and

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