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Parts by Number for Self Locking Nut Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
454001 PLC Radwell Hydraulic Valve Division Not Provided NUT SELF LOCKING
109212 PLC Radwell Schellenberg Not Provided NUT,SELF LOCKING
454001 PLC Radwell Parker Hydraulic Valve Div Not Provided NUT SELF LOCKING

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  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    PR Information Contact: Lisa Zocco, Power PR. Phone (310) 787-1940. Fax (310) 787-1970. E-mail: From Medical Equipment to Implants,. Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability. Medical device manufacturers are securing their products against. shock, vibration
  • Self-Piercing Nuts
    ). Controlled distortion of the last threads in the nut provides a locking action that can be made to torque requirements. Self-piercing nuts can be installed in unplated, plated, or painted panels. Installation in a painted panel has little or no effect on the painted surfaces. For proper torque resistance
  • The Basics of Self-Clinching Fasteners
    . But engineers must have a basic understanding of the technology and how best to use the fasteners to get the most out of them. There are dozens of types and thousands of variations of self-clinching fasteners, including free-running, self-locking, floating, and blind-hole types meeting unified, ISO
  • Self-Sealing Fastening Without Chemistry
    its own threads. on the I.D. surface thus allowing maximum torque and sealing — an APM exclusive. For extreme screw, bolt or nut vibration applications, there are several thread locking options offered;. adjustable polymer (normally Nylon) embedded pellets; an adjustable polymer vertical strip, (both
  • New Test Data Offers Resolution for Toughest Engineering Challenges
    . Fortunately today, engineers are successfully attacking these problems with an innovative self-locking fastener called Spiralock, whose effectiveness has been validated in published test studies at leading institutions including MIT, the Goddard Space Flight Center, Lawrence Livermore National
  • Leadscrews roll over ball screws
    are high helix, fast leads (greater than 100 mm/rev) with threads as small as 0.5 mm/rev. Plus, nonbackdriving, self-locking leads and multifunction nuts are easily customized, and can offer zero backlash with light preload and low drag. Leadscrews differ from ball screws in that they use sliding rather
  • Aerospace Industry Turns to Innovative Fastener Thread to Keep the Mission from Falling Apart
    thread dam-. ity male threads through binding during assembly, which. age during assembly is another advantage. With a tra-. are explained later in the article. ditional torque fastener, it’s difficult to distinguish be-. A four-year testing program preceded applica-. tween binding caused by locking
  • Innovative Fastener Thread Form Can Take the Heat and Vibration of Diesel Engines
    performance and. to my knowledge,” says Werner. “They’re not only. a reduction in fuel economy. self-locking but also re-usable during service without. Through the geometry and physics of the thread. damage to the nut or stud. The Spiralock fasteners. itself, Madison Heights, Mich.-based Spiralock Corp