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Parts by Number for Self Tapping Screw Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SCREW4SELF-TAPPING National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
B-SCREW-1-8 Allied Electronics, Inc. NEUTRIK USA Not Provided Screw; Self Tapping; Panhead; M2.5 DIN 7500 for B-Series
E-SCREW1-12NI ASAP Semiconductor NEUTRIK Not Provided Screw - nickel - countersunk - self-tapping - 2.9mm x 12mm
E-SCREW1-12NI ASAP Semiconductor NEUTRIK Not Provided Screw - nickel - countersunk - self-tapping
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  • The Ultimate Tapping Screw for Plastics
    . Final designs should only be frozen by satisfactory results via testing. The advantages offered by this self-tapping screw in areas of design, installation and. application performance are powerful reasons to consider Type FT 30 Degree thread rolling. screws. The mechanical advantages utilized can
  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    . Because repetitive loads, shock and vibrational loosening must be decisively handled, traditional fasteners susceptible to self-loosening rotational movement, stripping, and shearing are not always appropriate either. David Vidrio, Water Specialties // 8/27/99 interview. For Immediate Release. For More
  • Medical Device Link .
    office visits to a one-day procedure with one follow-up visit. According to its manufacturer, the system is the first immediate-load, immediately functional implant tooth replacement system. The system consists of a threaded, self-tapping screw base that replicates the root of the tooth
  • How to Maintain Joint Integrity When Converting from Metal to Plastic
    be larger than. the outside diameter of the assembly screw but smaller than the. Holes for post-mold Inserts should always be deeper than the pilot or face diameter of the Insert in order to prevent jack-out. If. length of the Insert. For self-tapping Inserts, use a minimum a larger hole in the mating
  • Medical Device Link .
    wear life, while Kerkite high-performance polymers used in construction make the entire assembly self-lubricating and maintenance free. The actuator comes with a wide range of screw leads and in standard or custom mounting configurations. New England Precision Grinding Inc. Precision wire
  • Thermoplastic Joining Techniques (.pdf)
    and Rivets. 26. Heat or Hot-Plate Welding. 6. Molded-In Threads. 26. Bar Sealing. 7. Self-Threading or Self-Tapping Screws. 27. Hot-Knife Sealing. 7. Thread-Cutting. 27. Electromagnetic or Induction Welding. 7. Thread-Forming. 28 Vibration. Welding. 8. Screw Bosses. 28. Spin Welding. 10. Tightening Torque
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    Everberg Rd., Woburn, MA 01801. Miniature Self-Tapping Screws Eliminate need for drilling holes By eliminating the need for drilling and tapping holes, self-tapping screws speed up assembly. The screws can be inserted directly into existing holes and are self-locking. They allow designers to vary
  • How to Specify Liquid Flowmeters
    this might. within these categories was. the pipe that creates an. include self-contained battery. developed for one particular OEM. obstruction to flow: the square. powered micro-electronics: think. or customer application!. root of the pressure differential is. of the modern electronic gas
  • Medical Device Link .
    a thick boss, a groove can be inserted through the center of the boss. Another potential problem is sink around thick bosses. For example, a large-diameter boss with thick walls for threaded inserts or screw holes for self-tapping screws usually becomes too thick and tends to sink. Use the same
  • The Lowdown On Lean Fastening
    traditionally had used 56 M1.2 screws to hold a keyboard assembly in place, but made a switch to self-clinching micropins. This substitution eliminated the time-consuming task of tapping 56 holes in each assembly and ultimately streamlined the assembly process. Now the pins are simply pressed into place, do

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