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  • Industrial Conveyors-Image
    Industrial Conveyors - (2469 companies)
    ...belt or chain with a series of attached buckets. The buckets are filled, lifted vertically to a head pulley or sprocket, and dumped. The buckets are then returned to a tail pulley or sprocket at the bottom. Bucket elevators are not self...
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  • Flat Belt Pulleys-Image
    Flat Belt Pulleys - (85 companies) the tightest position). In some cases, a flat belt drive includes a tracking sleeve or other mechanism for keeping the belt on the flat pulley. Specifications for flat belt pulleys include belt width, outside diameter, bore size, hub diameter...
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  • Rules and Length Gauges-Image
    Rules and Length Gauges - (245 companies)
    Rules and length gauges are flat, graduated scales used for length measurement. For OEM applications, digital or electronic linear scales are often used. How to Select Rules, Scales, and Length Gauges. Rules, scales, and length gauges are flat...
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  • Flat Belts-Image
    Flat Belts - (211 companies)
    ...include an incline to carry product to another level. Flat belts may also have a tracking sleeve under the system to ensure that the belt does not slip, or that the coefficient of friction can be adjusted to prevent slippage. Typical applications...
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  • Belt and Chain Tensioners-Image
    Belt and Chain Tensioners - (78 companies)
    ...drives consist of flat leather, rubber, or fabric belts running on cylindrical pulleys, or belts with a V-shaped cross section running on grooved pulleys. V-belts require less tension than flat belts because their greater surface area creates more...
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    Wheel and Track Drives - (13 companies)
    Wheel and track drives are a gearbox, motor and brake assembly which power wheeled or tracked vehicles. Motors can be either electric or hydraulically powered. Wheel and track drives unify a gearbox, motor, and braking mechanism into a compact...
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    Roller Bearings - (548 companies)
    ...bearings are similar in design to needle roller bearings but the dimensions of diameter and roller length are closer in magnitude. Spherical Roller Bearings are self-aligning, double row, combination radial and thrust bearings. They use a spherical...
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    Self-sealing Fasteners - (38 companies), drive type, English size, and metric size. Self-sealing fasteners with hexagonal heads have six flat, vertical sides. Fillister heads are similar to machine screw pan heads, but do not have rounded top corners. Flat heads lay flush...
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    V-Belt Pulleys - (215 companies)
    Operation. V-belt pulleys are solely used for transmitting power between two parallel axels. The most notable difference between a v-belt pulley and other types of pulleys (round belt, flat, etc.) would be the geometry of the groove or grooves located around...
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    Tires - (35 companies)
    ...incorporates a cord angle equating to approximately 90 to the centerline. The body ply cords run parallel to each other and stabilizer belts located right beneath the tread. The belt overwrap positioned below the tread surface helps maintain structural...
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  • Interaction Of Imaging System Requirements With Copy Machine Architectures
    Drum photoreceptors are inherently less expensive than belt systems since the drum is a self - contained support, with bearings, for the photoreceptor, while belt systems must contain an assembly of … … rollers to hold the belt, a tracking system to keep it … … with scanning imagery is that the errors inherent in trying to image a flat plane onto a …
  • Equipment | Key Technology, Inc. | Food Processing
    The compact, self -contained unit slips easily into the processing line: Connect to air, power, and water … Optyx features a flat belt with air-tensioning for consistent tracking and minimal maintenance.
  • Handbook Timing Belts
    The typical result of this behaviour means that they must be guided, either by special belt variants such as the ‘‘ self - tracking belt ’’ (see Chapter 2.3.11) or be contained by pulley guide elements. A flat belt’s directional stability is achieved through a crowned surface on the highest diameter of the …
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