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Parts by Number for Semiconductor Inspection Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TA5C30M-20PF ASAP Semiconductor INSPECTION Not Provided Not Provided
IT-1181-250G AU WT ASAP Semiconductor INSPECTION Not Provided SMD
12462 ASAP Semiconductor LIGHT Not Provided INSPECTION TURN/TILT
12440 ASAP Semiconductor LIGHT Not Provided INSPECTION 700MM ARM
ZJ-9251 ASAP Semiconductor GC Not Provided PLASTIC INSPECTION MIRROR
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  • Semiconductor Inspection Equipment (Embedded)
    Embedding an Industrial PC, GPIB board, digital I/O and image processing board into semiconductor inspection equipment. CONTEC A Focus on Quality. A Commitment to Our Environment. Global | - Region - Japan China. Change Home Sitemap. Search. Products. Industrial Computers. Board Computers
  • Semiconductor Inspection
    There are a number of techniques that are utilised today in the post process on line optical inspection of semiconductor wafers. These include: * Spectroscopic reflectometry where multiple laser wavelengths are shone down onto the surface of the thick film covered substrate to obtain information
  • Lubricants for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (.pdf)
    While speed, uniformity, and cleanliness have made automated assembly equipment the norm in semiconductor manufacturing, they also have posed a conundrum regarding lubricants. ./45316525-2c9c-4908-b90a-e1362d695daf W hile speed, uniformity, and cleanliness. have made automated assembly equip
  • Case Study - Semiconductor Industry
    Development of an illumination solution that allows for long working distance inspection of semiconductor die before they are picked and placed onto gel or reel packaging. Illumination needed to be on-axis and cover a large field of view. This illumination had to be external of the optical assembly.
  • Lubricants For Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
    Aerospace manufacturers long ago solved the problem of lubricant outgassing, contamination, and starvation. Their work is now reaping benefits in the semiconductor industry. Ultrafiltration removes microscopic contaminants from oils and greases and homogenizes agglomerated thickener in grease
  • Low Distortion Tunable RF Components, a Compound Semiconductor Opportunity
    An overview is given for the current state-of-the-art. of semiconductor based tunable RF elements. For this. purpose, semiconductor based capacitive switch banks. and varactors are reviewed and compared with the. recently developed ultra-low distortion semiconductor. based varactors. It reveals
  • 3D Visualization for Industrial Quality Inspection
    . for determining the surface with greater accu-. racy. 6. u. Coin with incident illumination. Coin with oblique incident illumination. v. Soder joint without diffusor. Soder joint with diffusor. w. Semiconductor with coaxial illumination. Semiconductor with coaxial illumination. x. Plastic with polarised light
  • Advances in High Speed Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems (.pdf)
    and accuracy and with a much faster throughput than before. High-speed AOI systems are now being used across a wide range of industries including: automotive, aerospace, semiconductor and electronics, medical device manufacturing, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), precision mechanical