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  • Proving Best Practices in Fruit and Vegetable Transport
    of their shipping containers, securing the recorders to the front of crates where personnel can easily access their USB ports. During transit, the 2-channel VersaLogs record relative humidity and temperatures using their external Sensirion RH digital sensors. Providing standalone operation, the loggers run
  • Environmental Monitoring in a Manufacturing Plant
    the sampling rate anywhere between every 20 milliseconds to every 12 hours. Using its external Sensirion RH digital sensor, the VersaLog monitors temperature on one channel and relative humidity on the other, storing up to 4MB of readings on its non-volatile flash memory. The logger 's 5-year lithium
  • Medical Device Link .
    , integration of a temperature sensor on the mass flow chip provides better performances over a temperature range of 0 -60 C without any additional electronics (third-generation MEMS sensor). The temperature information can also be used in combination with a digital humidity sensor chip to monitor the dew