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  • AN01: Interfacing the RadEye1 Image Sensor to the National Instruments PCI-6111E Data Acquisition Board
    This application note describes a simple method to acquire images from the RadEye1 large-area image sensor into a PC for display, storage and analysis. The system makes use of the PCI-6111E data acquisition board from National Instruments for digitizing the analog output from the RadEye sensor
  • Application: Car Hood Position Alarm Sensor (.pdf)
    The most costly items of an automobile are under the hood of the car. Thieves, once the hood of the car is open, can unfasten the engine, battery, etc. very quickly. Having a sensor that is tied into the vehicle on-board computer could sound an alarm or the car horn.
  • Application: Vehicle Power Door Locks - Reed Sensor
    Power door locks are now designed into 75% of all new cars, and 100% on all full feature models. The power door locks can be opened wirelessly or by placing in a code that is compared electronically to the preset code on the on-board computer. If they match the locks are disengaged. Engaging
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    "green-box " enclosure. A small circuit board inside the box converts the Hall signals from analog to digital form and filters out electrical interference. Single Hall sensors generate single digital output. Dual sensors provide signals that double the resolution and can detect the direction
  • Interfacing the TC77 Thermal Sensor to a PICmicro (R) Microcontroller
    Silicon temperature sensors offer an easy-to-use alternative to traditional temperature sensors, such as thermocouple, thermistors and RTDs. The TC77 SPI TM Thermal Silicon Sensor is especially suited for embedded systems, due to its SPI interface. This serves to provide a straight-forward and easy
  • Evaluating AC Current Sensor Options for Power Delivery Systems (.pdf)
    evaluate when selecting the optimal ac current sensor solution for their application needs: Board size, Component size, BOM cost, Noise immunity, Bandwidth, and Cost.
  • HydroMet Calibration Vehicle with WS501 Weather Station on Board
    . With the integration of the smart weather sensor Lufft WS501 the calibration vehicle can provide accurate data about air temperature, relative humidity, global radiation, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed.
  • Integrated Sensor and Controller
    and reduce, if not eliminate, the need for additional external programming, system designers are turning more to sophisticated smart devices that include on-board intelligence with self-diagnostics and remote programming capabilities. This, in turn, is helping to drive the move towards distributed

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