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  • Sensor Sense: Advances in inductive sensing - Factor 1 sensors
    Inductive proximity sensors detect metal objects without touching them. Factor 1 inductive sensors have at least two coils in their design. One technique connects the first coil to an oscillator circuit while the other coil is part of an impedance circuit that controls the amplitude
  • Oscillator Circuits For RTD Temperature Sensors
    This application note shows how to design a temperature sensor oscillator circuit using Microchip's low-cost MCP6001 operational amplifier (op amp) and the MCP6541 comparator. Oscillator circuits can be used to provide an accurate temperature measurement with a Resistive Temperature Detector (RTD
  • Designing Operational Amplifier Oscillator Circuits For Sensor Applications
    Operational amplifier (op amp) oscillators can be used to accurately measure resistive and capacitive sensors. Oscillator design can be simplified by using the procedure discussed in this application note. The derivation of the design equations provides a method to select the passive components
  • Metal-faced sensors
    sensors suit 80% of sensing applications today; but plastic-face sensors are not designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of severe industrial environments. Abrasion tests on plastic and metal-faced sensors show how well they withstand metal-to-metal contact. The metal-face sensor shows wear
  • Temperature Measurement Circuits for Embedded Applications
    This application note shows how to select a temperature sensor and conditioning circuit to maximize the measurement accuracy and simplify the interface to the microcontroller. Practical circuits and interface techniques will be provided for embedded applications with thermocouples, Resistive
  • Installation of MS45XX Pressure Sensors
    This paper provides suggested guidelines for the proper integration of the MS45x5 series pressure sensor into OEM designs. It also gives guidance in selecting the proper bypass capacitor and pressure hose material. Additional details on the printed circuit board (PCB) layout as well as soldering
  • Sensors take the heat
    environments. Deeper holes need sensors and electronics that can withstand temperatures up to 200 C and pressures up to 10,000 psi. The goal to minimize maintenance costs and device failures has led to the design of sensors and instrumentation electronics using novel packaging and sealing methods
  • Can Design Example: Simple Sensor Node
    - and 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with integrated CAN, stand-alone CAN controllers, CAN I/O expanders and CAN transceivers. As CAN continues to grow and proliferate into other markets, the need to add CAN to simple sensor circuits increases. In some applications, a simple CAN sensor node can

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