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  • Ultrasonic Technique and Device for Residual Stress Measurement
    stresses on the fatigue life of welded elements, depending on the. mechanical properties of the materials, type of welded element, parameters of cyclic loading and other factors. Figure 2. The developed device with sensors for ultrasonic measurement of residual stresses. The developed equipment allows
  • Presence Sensing: The Basics
    cautions. When discussing basic presence sensor specs, one thing is clear: The existence of inductive, capacitive, optical and ultrasonic technologies proves that there is no one approach that works for all of the people all of the time. Share Print Reprints Permissions. What are your comments?. You
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection - What is it and How Does it Work?
    Ultrasonic gas leak detection (UGLD) is a comparatively recent detection technique and has emerged as an effective means of establishing. the presence of gas leaks. It works especially well in open, ventilated areas where other methods of gas detection may not be independent. of ventilation
  • Sensors 101: Baumer Electric Basics
    .” And that, as simple as. it sounds, is proximity sensing in a nutshell. The major technologies in proximity sensing are inductive,. capacitive, photoelectric and ultrasonic. Each has unique. operating principles and capabilities while each are. particularly suited to certain applications
  • Selecting proximity sensors for diverse applications
    . Popular proximity sensor types include inductive, capacitive, and ultrasonic. Although other types, such as optical, radar, and vision sensors are also considered to be proximity sensors, only the inductive, capacitive, and ultrasonic types are included in this article. Because they typically perform
  • Triangulation Sensors Applications
    . triangulation sensors in actual applications. transformers),. ATriangulationsensorsareregularlyappliedinabroad capacitive,. variety of situations every day. inductive and. ultrasonic devices. For simplicity, the applications section is separated into. sections of types of applications. Several examples of each
  • Displacement Sensing the Baumer Electric Way
    sensors as small as 6.5. Mostly the temperature drift. mm x 40 mm while maintain-. diagram 1. is proportional to. ing ranges up to 2 mm. the temperature. inductive. optical. ultrasonic. change. For example: Inductive sensors are perfect. measuring. 0-10 mm. 15-1000 mm. 20-2500 mm. 0.08%/K (DT
  • Flowmeter Technology and Specifications
    Length. It is by tracking particles along this length, that Cross-Correlation measurement is achieved. With Cross-Correlation technology, we place two pairs of ultrasonic sensors along the flow direction to pick up the turbulence signature. The upstream sensor will detect a flow signature L/V

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