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  • Serial Communication Overview
    Serial is a device communication protocol that is standard on almost every PC. Do not confuse it with universal serial bus (USB). Most computers include two EIA-232 based serial ports. Serial is also a common communication protocol for instrumentation in many devices, and numerous GPIB-compatible
  • Using the ABLELink Serial Server with an OCS
    This application note shows how to get CscapeTM to talk to an OCS without an Ethernet Port via Ethernet. Figure 1 shows the ABLELink GW21R Dual Port Industrial Serial Server and the GW21E Single Port Serial Server that this application note refers to. The ABLELink allows a serial device
  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Connecting to Spectrometer, Light Source, and Battery Pack
    The USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter is used with either the USB2000 or the HR2000 Spectrometer when connecting the spectrometer to a handheld PC or other serial device. The USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter is a part of any setup that interfaces the USB2000 Spectrometer (or HR2000 Spectrometer) to a handheld PC
  • Serial Instrument Control Tutorial
    Serial is a common device communication protocol for instrument control because most computers and many remote instruments include at least one serial port. Single applications can be used across a variety of instruments with few modifications, reducing programming and test time.
  • Serial Communications Guide for CP210x
    This document is intended for developers creating products based on the CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller. It provides information about serial communications and how to obtain the port number for a specific CP210x device. Code samples are provided for opening, closing, configuring, reading
  • Serial Communication with the SMBus
    C8051F0xx devices are equipped with an SMBus serial I/O device that is compliant with the System Management Bus Specification version 1.1, as well as the I2C serial bus. The SMBus is a bi-directional, 2-wire interface capable of communication with multiple devices. SMBus is a trademark of Intel
  • A Serial Bootloader for PIC24F Devices
    AN1157 A Serial Bootloader for PIC24F Devices FIGURE 1: BOOTLOADER FUNCTIONAL Author: Brant Ivey BLOCK DIAGRAM Microchip Technology Inc. Bootloader Firmware UxRX UxTX INTRODUCTION (R) One of the advantages of Microchip's PIC micro- controllers with self-programmable enhanced Flash Transmit/Receive
  • Capturing and Troubleshooting Serial Data Signals
    Many chips and devices send information or are controlled by a serial data bus. Even if you are not designing the serial data path, you may end up testing the correct operation of your device by sending certain addresses or data values then checking for proper action. In recent years, a wide

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