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  • Rotary Encoders for Highly Dynamic Servo Drives (.pdf)
    of the respective application. A flexible mounting situation on the motor as well as a uniform data interface to the control enable the integration of various encoder technologies, thereby supporting modular drive assemblies. Position encoders for servo drives The features of encoders typically
  • Servo Control of a DC Brush Motor
    of the PIC17C42 as a DC brush motor servo controller. It is shown that a PID (Propor-tional, Integral, Differential) control calculation can be performed in less than 200 ms (@16 MHz) allowing control loop sample times in the 2 kHz range. Encoder rates up to 3 MHz are easily handled by the PIC17C42's
  • Design of Advanced Servo System for a Registered Can Embossing Machine for the Beverage Industry
    housed within a hexagonal enclosure and placed atop the machine. Also supplied and installed on the actual machine are a touch screen, 24 servo motors, 24 fiber optic sensors, a video-jet printer/encoder, as well as a slip ring assembly.
  • Servo On A Chip
    Control of ac servomotors can now take place on a single IC. Digital Control IC Design Center Circuitry for handling highperformance control of ac servos has been condensed onto one chip in the IRMCK201. There is an incentive to control motor speed in a widening array of applications. Technological
  • Linear actuators get a servo look
    New actuators borrow ideas from linear motors to provide controlled displacement on a budget. Vice President Copley Controls Corp. Canton, Mass. Historically, industry has depended on ball screws, belt drives, and pneumatic mechanisms for automation's positioning tasks. But the rising demand
  • Cabling - Information about Connecting the Drive to the Motor and Feedback Sensor
    In the traditional servo system, the motion controller provides a velocity or torque command via an analog signal. The drive provides position in the form of an encoder signal or its equivalent. The drive is enabled by a contact or an equivalent digital signal. Usually, the drive provides a digital
  • Choose wisely
    different motors, simplifying assembly and augmenting motor quality. A commutating encoder provides output signals with resolutions from 1,000 to 5,000 lines/rev. The outputs for the Danaher AKM series can sink or source 40 mA max with a frequency response of 300 kHz at a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm
  • Medical Device Link .
    (Ober-Ramstadt, Germany) covers a torque range from 0.4 to 40 N *m at flange dimensions from 40 to 188 mm. The motors are made from high-grade neodymium. Resolvers or optical encoders are used as motor position sensors. Options such as a holding brake or keyed shaft are available. The company also offers digital

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