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  • Voltage Regulators-Image
    Voltage Regulators - (173 companies)
    Voltage Regulators Information. Voltage regulators are power converters that provide voltage control capabilities. They accept a voltage that varies over a given range and generate an output voltage that does not vary. Unlike integrated circuit (IC...
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  • PWM Amplifier Chips-Image
    PWM Amplifier Chips - (41 companies)
    Pulse width modulated (PWM) amplifier chips generate a current that switches between high and low output levels. PWM amplifiers have a much higher power capability for a given volume than linear amplifiers. They are also less expensive. PWM...
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  • Signal Converters-Image
    Signal Converters - (641 companies)
    ...analog voltage outputs that are a function of input signal frequency. Voltage-to-frequency converters provide sine wave, pulse train, or pulse width modulation (PWM) outputs that are a function of input signal voltage. Current-to-voltage converters...
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  • GPIB Converters-Image
    GPIB Converters - (14 companies)
    GPIB converters translate data from the GPIB bus to another bus type, and vice versa. For instance, an RS232-to-GPIB converter translates serial commands generated by the RS232 interface into GPIB commands. GPIB converters translate data from...
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  • SCSI Converters-Image
    SCSI Converters - (10 companies)
    SCSI converters translate between the various SCSI interfaces such as single-ended to high-voltage differential (HVD), or HVD to low-voltage differential (LVD), etc. SCSI converters enable interoperability between different SCSI bus types. Also...
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    DC-DC Converters - (751 companies)
    DC-DC converters accept DC input and provide regulated and/or isolated DC output in various applications including computer flash memory, telecommunications equipment, and process control systems. How to Select DC-DC Converters. What are DC-DC...
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    Dumpers, Tilters, and Inverters - (358 companies)
    Dumpers, tilters and inverters are used to reposition or empty material handling containers.
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    DC-DC Converter Chips - (164 companies)
    DC-DC converter chips provide a regulated DC voltage output from a different, unregulated input voltage. DC-DC converter chips provide a regulated DC voltage output from a different, unregulated input voltage. They are used in power...
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    AC-DC Converters - (138 companies)
    How to Select AC-DC Converters. Image Credits: Polytron Devices and AC-DC converters are electrical circuits that transform alternating current (AC) input into direct current (DC) output. They are used in power electronic applications...
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    Frequency Converters and Translators - (75 companies)
    Frequency converters and translators scale and/or filter frequency inputs to produce outputs signals with frequencies that are a function of the inputs. Differential analog inputs, bandwidth, accuracy, and signal isolation are the most important...
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