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    Counterweights - (38 companies)
    Counterweight Material Counterweights are made out of metals such as iron, steel, tungsten, and various alloys. Iron counterweights and cast iron counterweights are often used in elevators. Steel counterweights are suitable for scaffolding... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pumpjacks - (22 companies)
    When torque is applied by a motor to the power shaft, the counterweights lift and apply mechanical energy to the walking beam, therefore submerging the rod and plunger. The corresponding upstroke raises the horse head and rod. The rod itself... Learn More
  • Shaft Collars-Image
    Shaft Collars - (150 companies)
    Shaft collars attach to shafts and are used as stop features or targets for devices such as tachometers. They are usually made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or alloyed steel and coated with zinc, chromium or black oxide. Shaft collars made... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Shaft-Hub Locking Devices-Image
    Shaft-Hub Locking Devices - (84 companies)
    Description. Shaft-hub locking devices frictionally clamp gears, pulleys, flywheels, and other components to a shaft without the need for threads or keys. Axial loads applied to the locking devices are translated into radial loads that clamp... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Line-shaft Spools - (7 companies)
    Line-shaft spools are mounted to the drive shaft of a line-shaft conveyor. A belt transmits power from the spool to drive individual conveyor rollers. Line-shaft spools are mounted to a shaft (line-shaft) on conveyors referred to as line-shaft... Learn More
  • Shaft Repair Services - (42 companies)
    Shaft repair services provide coating, resurfacing, and machining operations to restore shafts to original specifications. Shaft Repair Services Information. Shaft repair services provide coating, resurfacing, and machining operations to restore... Learn More
  • Weights - (102 companies)
    ...calibrators, ballast or buoyancy control, counterweights, dynamic balancing weights, mooring weights, pipeline weights, cable or line weights and inertial mass devices. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Balancing Weights - (38 companies)
    Balancing weights are used to help balance rotating components or machinery. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Anchors - (514 companies)
    Anchors are mechanical fasteners that attach an object to a support structure. Product categories include concrete anchors, expansion anchors, lag screw anchors, machine anchors, screw anchors, spring anchors, wall anchors, and wedge anchors. Toggle bolts are also available. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Butterfly Valves - (1231 companies)
    ...on an axis at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe. When rotated on a shaft, the disc seals against seats in the valve body. The thin disc is always in the passageway but it offers little resistance to flow. These valves offer a rotary stem... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...and referring to figure 1, let the empty conveyor weigh 20 lbm and have a load of 80 lbm being conveyed, and let the acceleration rate = 1 ft/sec2. In order to select the proper drive/motor rating, it is necessary to evaluate how the forces act on the motor shaft. d7746.qxd Applications... compensated for by attaching an external counterbalance to the shaft that extends from the back of the motor. For today's high-precision applications, this type of external balancing methods cannot adequately overcome unacceptable internal motor vibrations. Worse yet, the additional load from...

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  • Combustion engines
    An interest conflict ever more frequent with more compact design relates to the "collision of " the crankshaft counterweights with the piston in the region of the UT (UT isn't necessarily the critical rotating position.
  • Manual diesel engines
    To the load of main bearings and the housing structure to reduce or to eliminate out effective free forces and moments or to reduce (zylinderzahlabhängig) counterweights are arranged on the crankshaft .
  • Assessing the Windage Tray Blockage Effect on Aeration in the Oil Sump
    The clearance between the tray and the crank shaft counterweights is tight (∼5 mm); the tray receives oil drops that are spun off the counterweights so that the drops do not hit the sump oil directly.
  • AIAA Journal > Further experimental investigations of a cesium hall-current accelerator
    A pair of cylindrical pendulum bobs rests against the shaft counterweight and provides restoring forces to the shaft.
  • Variable-Stroke Drilling Mudpump:: A Concept To Meet Future Requirements
    The crank shaft counterweight system and the adjusting system for this was working without problems throughout the test.
  • ZCP2009HT029
    Comparison of a pin heating by the cylindrical inductors with and without the side magnetic controllers makes evident that controllers provide more accurate heat pattern control and reduce heating of the shaft counterweights (cheeks).
  • Movable Bridge Engineering Complete Document
    Very few vertical lift bridges have spare counterweight shaft assemblies available, so that removal of a shaft to a laboratory would take the bridge out of operation for a considerable time.

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