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  • Controlled Thermal Movement Aids Coupling Alignment
    Controlled Thermal Movement Aids Coupling Alignment. By Bob Boyle, Director - Power Transmission Products, Applied Industrial Technologies. Shaft alignment is a critical component in keeping a coupling aligned. While most couplings can tolerate some misalignment, they operate much more efficiently
  • Proper Shaft Fits for Precision Coupling Devices
    manufacturers of these types of low cost drive components are simply relying on a shaft key and set screw to transmit torque and retain the hub on the shaft, and other types of misalignment absorbing elements help to take up any eccentricity resulting from a relatively large clearance between the shaft
  • Winds Of Change Are Blowing For Couplings: Modified CD (R) Coupling Solves High Performance Requirements in Wind Turbines Designed by NEG Micon
    turbine drive train consists of three driving blades connected to the low speed shaft of the gearbox while the high speed shaft connects to the Zero-Max CD Coupling and the turbine generator. Oscillating Loads Transmitted To Coupling. A key component in wind generator drive systems is the coupling
  • Dimensions & Tolerances for Flat Keys & Keyways per JIS B 1301:1996
    When designing a drive system, the use of keys and keyways to transmit torque from the drive shaft to the gear/pulley/sprocket/coupling is common. Enclosed is a table detailing the standard metric keys and keyway sizes and their corresponding tolerances. ./56156401-570d-4b60-8f25-934068db2138
  • Sorting out shaft connections
    of 35S20 steel, with key and keyway dimensions sized according to DIN Standard 6885. The following calculations determine the maximum torque that can be transmitted through both keyed and keyless shafts, as well as the maximum transmissible torque for the key. Assuming the coupling does not slip
  • CD (R) Coupling Smoothes Intermittent Motion in High-Speed Servo Powered Pouching System
    backlash forces, thereby eliminating any chance of a misfeed of the system's polypropylene film. With two such stations in a typical pouching system, this is a tall order indeed. Note location of CD coupling attached directly to the servo motor shaft. Assembly is done with a single set screw at each
  • Shaft Flexible Couplings - Application Considerations (.pdf)
    are shown in Figure 3. Usually, such a coupling comprises a sleeve fitting snugly on the con-. nected shafts and positively connected with each shaft by pins, Figure 3a, or by keys, Figure 3b. Sometimes two sleeves are. used, each positively attached to one of the shafts and connected between themselves
  • Criteria for Power Transmission Couplings:
    are the simplest and the slimmest ones. Such a coupling transmits torque by pins (Fig. 2a) or by keys (Fig. 2b). The couplings are difficult to assemble/disassemble, as they require significant axial shifting of the shafts to be connected/disconnected. Usually, external diameter D = (1.5-1.8) d
  • Medical Device Link .
    other companies. The coupling devices are as small as 1.0 mm diam, yet contain numerous high-precision machined and injection-molded components. The most challenging parts six pins with a shaft diameter of 0.16 mm are produced by (Farmingdale, NY) on Swiss screw machines at 10 times the speed
  • Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration
    will contact you directly to discuss in more detail. Reply. 1358 days ago Ademar. Hello James,. I am looking for a software to perform torsional vibration analysis of a mass elastic system ( engine + coupling elastic + pump). Does your software do such calculation?. Thanks,. Ademar. Reply. 1349 days