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  • HydroSele (R) solves turbine shaft problems in Spain
    Spanish power utility Endesa Generacion is so impressed with the trouble-free performance of its HydroSele (R) cartridge seal that a second unit will soon be installed at Bosost hydropower station, high in the Pyrenees. HydroSele® solves turbine shaft problems in Spain. Customer Support Centre, 1
  • Axle Shaft Stock
    to be transportable for future application, 90 psi shop air. APPLICATION #1 * Remove billet (part) from rack of sawed billets. * Transfer part to furnace and insert through 3" diameter hole. * Pitch part approximately 10 degrees down. * After part has been heated to required temperature, remove from furnace. * Pitch
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
    of calorimeters and thermal analyzers that use dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). These components are the drive motor, which supplies the sinusoidal deformation force to the sample material; the drive shaft support and guidance system, which transfer the force from the drive motor to clamps that hold
  • Bearings take the heat
    alloyed with a metal such as copper, babbitt, bronze, or nickel. Speed and load limits are set by a conventional = bearing load in psi and = shaft speed in surface ft/min. is about 12,000 for dry operation
  • Unique Qualities of Stainless Steel PH15-7MO
    3500 Stud Assemblies, 3506 Series (PF35). PA-3500 Receptacle Strips. PA-3500 Single Hole Receptacles. Not Sure?. Retaining Rings Crash Course. Visual Selection Guide. Custom Internal (Bore) Ring Form. Custom External (Shaft) Ring Form. American Ring Division. Solon, OH. Corporate Headquarters. P
  • Coffee Supplier Has a Taste for a High-Output blender
    with cam lobes made from highly abrasion-resistant PM steel. The lobes are simply shrunk on to the shaft. In the background is a preform of a shaft made using conventional methods. It can easily be seen that the conventional camshaft requires much costly machining, giving rise to a substantial
  • Case Study: power plant solves a feeding problem by installing ceramic-lined rotary feeders
    in the furnace. The ceramic-lined rotary valve. -- the more sulfur, the faster the rpm and vice versa. During. The 300-millimeter ceramic-lined rotary valve consists of a. maximum operating conditions, all four of the injection. cast-iron housing, two end plates, a rotor, and a rotor shaft. system’s
  • Practical Vacuum: Good Design, Procedures and Maintenance Equals Good Vacuum (.pdf)
    required. cant. Additionally, ammonia adsorbed into. • Energy efficiency by eliminating heat. the pump lubricant may attack pump elas-. loss via conduction or convection. tomers (shaft seals in particular) causing oil. • Low environmental emissions of waste. leakage. Dry vacuum pumps do not contain