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  • What is a Flexible Shaft?
    installation cost: Flexible Shafts install in minutes without special tools or skills. Solid Shafts, Gears, Pulleys, and Universal Joints require precise alignment and skilled mechanics for their installations. Reduced parts cost: Bearings and housings for Solid Shafts and Gears require precise machining
  • Shaft Flexible Couplings - Application Considerations (.pdf)
    on the. shafts and a radial load on the shaft support bearings. Axial force can produce undesirable thrust loads if not considered in. the original design. Universal Cardan joints and Oldham couplings impose friction-generated lateral loads on the bearings. The elastomeric types of couplings will produce
  • Design & Application of Small Standardized Components:
    already described, universal joints produce an error because of their kinematic behavior. If the input speed Into a single universal joint is held constant, then the output will produce cyclic fluctuations in direct relation to the operating angles of the input and output shafts. This Will be described
  • OEP Couplings Case Study Three
    ties. Our standard UJ configuration has a unique shape to the yokes; unlike most universal joints, we've left as much material on the yoke as possible, so that the joint can rotate through 45 degrees throughout a rotation, but at any one particular point in that rotation, it's not capable
  • Medical Device Link .
    Universal joints --flexible mechanical connectors that transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another --are used in thousands of applications across a variety of fields, but some devices cannot incorporate them in their stock form. The Radius Surgical System from Tuebingen Scientific Medical (T
  • Criteria for Power Transmission Couplings:
    be achieved. Universal joints (u-joinrs or Cardan joints) are used in cases where the' dominant type of shaft misalignment is angular misalignment. Use of a single joint results in a non-uniform rotation of the driven shaft, which can be avoided by using double joints or specially designed "constant
  • Taking torque around corners
    of couplings can join rotating drives when there is just a small misalignment between shafts ( <3°). But designs with misalignments approaching 10° or more leave just three choices: Cardan-type universal joints (automotive-style needle bearing and block-and-pin), and flexible shafts. joints, also
  • Medical Device Link .
    laptop computer illustrates the 3-D measurement on-screen, records all of the data, and then creates a 3-D blueprint. Features include Bluetooth cable-free operation; the company 's i-Probe, equipped with size recognition and built-in probe-temperature sensor; autosleep mode; universal quick mount

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