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  • Image analysis by pulse coupled neural networks (PCNN)—a novel approach in granule size characterization
    ...different batches of granulations were used, which were obtained by applying a fluidized bed method under altered... The granulations were deliberately planned to produce different kinds of mean particle sizes and size-distribution profiles... ...measured with sieve analysis (10 min with amplitude 6) employing a vibratory sieve shaker (Analysette 3pro, Fritsch...
  • In-Situ Rheological Characterization of Drilling Mud
    ...the rheological measurements were performed on a mud sample taken at the shale shaker while the test... Fig. 5 shows the configuration of the well and the plan for the circulation tests. ...where the static temperature was obtained by setting the temperature at the sea bed equal to 10°C...
  • Isolation, pointing, and suppression (IPS) system for high-performance spacecraft
    Closed loop rest-to-rest maneuver testing using both IPS struts and electro-dynamic shaker Background noise measurements and dry-run test data with a stiff “dummy�? IPS strut were performed to determine the acceptability of the test bed to meet the IPS program testing goals, to... ...any issues with the test equipment and test plan .
  • Field Comparison of Medium- and Long-Radius Horizontal Wells Drilled in the Same Reservoir
    Iifferentapproach to drilling the caprock was requir- speed shale shakers along with a desilter and centri- !d... ...problems occurred in the horizontal oading of the bit and the long radius plan also redu- section... ...was associatedwith a cut- IosaicPDC bit to drill through the abrasive section tings bed build up and...
  • A Combined Data and Power Management Infrastructure
    Safeguard Memory, 6 Safe Mode, 9, 156, 160, 163 Safety, 183 Satellite resonance frequency, 139 Satellite Test Bed , 23, 177–179, 183, 185 Schmitt trigger, 51 SCOS, 175... ...51 Service Interface, 4, 104, 115 SH7045 microcontroller, 153 Shaker , 178 Shunt resistor, 109... Temperature sensor, 115, 154, 162 Test execution, 177 Test plan , 177 Test procedure, 177 Thermal preconditioning, 141...
  • Dynamics of Coupled Structures, Volume 1
    Measuring the damping behaviour of a linear or nonlinear structure requires a careful planning of the test... ...choosing the best foundation for a test rig, then either a soft foam bed , or better a... The investigation into the best excitation method highlighted the influence of the shaker on the test results...
  • Experience With Drilling C-26A, A World Record Extended Reach Horizontal Well in the Oseberg Field, North Sea.
    The planned 1.5°/30 m build up curve was drilled with an average DLS of 1.64"/30... This indicated significatlt frictiorl corltribution from cuttings bed and viscous forces in the mud in spite of... ...mud pill was circulated around giving at least 100% increase in the cuttings volume at the shakers .
  • A Systems Approach to Downhole Adjustable Stabilizer Design and Application effective means of indination control, especially if walk tendency is predictable, and no turns are planned . Studies have shown that agitation of the cuttings bed · is essential for good cuttings transport in... shakers .8,9,5 .
  • Communication with Vulnerable Populations: A Transportation and Emergency Management Toolkit
    Many locations have worked with people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and blind to develop and deploy alternative emergency alert systems, including lights, text messages, Braille message pads, bed shakers , and similar technologies. ...or shelters (with or without registry — usually without) Many transit-based evacuation plans , including those in...
  • Imaging Unstable Wellbores While Drilling
    ...Wellbores 2 and 3 is caused by the low attack angle to the bedding coupled with penetration... The key change in the plan was to increase the attack angle. Fig. 8 shows cavings recovered from the shakers while drilling Wellbore 4.