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...forming, so as to permit the head of a rivet or a bolt to fasten down flush with the surface of the metal. Embossing: a process that produces relatively shallow indentations or raised designs with no significant change in metal thickness. Extruding: turning up or drawing out a flange around a smaller...

...a manufacturer to go from comfortably processing 5 sterilizer loads a week to needing to process 10 loads, thus creating an ever- increasing backlog. Consider, for example, a shallow-vacuum cycle engineered for pressure-sensitive products. Among the time-consuming attributes of such a cycle are multiple...

...breath is. concentration. approximately cCB = 36,000 ppm [13]. An individual can. vary this concentration to some extent by taking shallow. Electrochemical sensors are currently used to measure. or deep breaths to change the fraction of exhaled breath. alcohol concentration in air as a law enforcement...

...switches are well suited to be used in shallow tanks and reservoirs. They use a magnet-equipped float that rises and lowers with the liquid level along the unit's stem and can have as many as four actuation levels. The magnetic field generated inside the float actuates a hermetically sealed...

...of shallow depth. This application is always implemented together with through-type coils in order to detect all flaws over the entire surface reliably even at high throughput speeds. Extensive experience is available in relation to integration of the testers at a suitable point on the production...

 in a shallow . pan.  The cotton provided a large surface area to facilitate the evaporation of the . Isofurane.  When the Winged Sentry™ was turned on, a stream of air was drawn . across the cotton balls and into the Sentry machine.   . 1Hospira, Inc., 275 North Field Dr., Lake Forest, IL 60045...

...and others were at a shallow oblique angle. The. fractures occurred without gross plastic deformation of the. adjacent material. Each fracture surface had a relatively flat. zone on one side of the wire with a very fine microscopic. texture that was consistent with fatigue fracture. Striations...

...these curves are constructed, a steep slope indicates a narrow distribution, and a shallow slope indicates a broad distribution. For Weibull distributions, the parameter beta describes the slope of the curve. A higher beta means a steep slope and narrow distribution. Narrow distributions from...

(min) Table II. Process calculations for cycle 2 shallow-vacuum type. A comparison of the two cycles illustrated in Tables I and II shows that the deep-vacuum cycle completes the air-elimination phase and arrives at the start of steam injection in 38.1 minutes, whereas the shallow-vacuum cycle...

...was distributed drop-wise from a burette onto several cotton balls placed in. a shallow pan. The cotton provided a large surface area to facilitate the. evaporation of the ether. When the Model 300 WSL was turned on, a stream of. air was drawn across the cotton balls and into the Sentry fume extractor...

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  • ZCACA2001P195
    The trade-offs involved in selecting a fabrication procedure for the initial preform (for example, deep drawing, shallow drawing , or stretch forming) are complex.
  • ZASMHBA0005143
    The trade-offs involved in selecting a fabrication procedure for the initial preform (for example, deep drawing, shallow drawing , or stretch forming) are complex.
  • ZASMHBA0005162
    Most sheet forming operations usually involve stretching and some shallow drawing , in which case the product of the strain-hardening exponent (n) and the normal anisotropy (r) of the sheet has been shown to be a significant parameter.
  • ZASMHBA0005141
    Each operation after the first is restricted to a shallow draw to minimize strain hardening.
  • ZASMHBA0005124
    Shallow Drawing .
  • Effect of prestrain on aging and bake hardening of cold-rolled, continuously annealed steel sheets
    Bake hard- ening in the outer-door panel decreased as the work hardening increased, indicating that the BH steel must be applied to the shallow drawn parts in order to maximize the BH effect in dent resistance.
  • ZASMHBA0005121
    This kind of blankholder is also used in making shallow drawn panels.
  • ZASMHBA0005112
    Hydraulic presses were once the only presses considered for deep draw work, while mechanical presses were used for blanking, forming, and shallow draws .
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Manufacturing Processes
    Lubricants for Drawing Operations.— Shallow drawing and forming of steel can be done with low-viscosity oils and soap solutions, but during deep drawing, different lubrication requirements exist, from hydrodynamic lubrication in the blank holder to boundary lubrication at the drawing...

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