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  • The Effect of Process Characteristics on Metal Fill and Defect Formation in Aluminum Lost Foam castings
    density. The pre-expanded beads are then blown into a mold cavity where they are heated with steam to further expand and fuse together as they form the desired shape. The steam used in the molding process is supplied to the cavity by way of holes positioned throughout the mold. The steam is typically
  • Achieving Maximum Capacity On a New or Existing Bucket Elevator (.pdf)
    There is a demand for increasing the capacity of new and old elevators particularly for handling grain. Factors that influence the capacity of an elevator are: bucket type, shape and discharge characteristics, optimum speed in relation to pulley size, shape of head and boot, material
  • Covering rapid inspection
    The size, shape, and morphology of API and granule particles. are important characteristics that can influence dissolution. behaviour and drug bioavailability.
  • Soldering to Nitinol (.pdf)
    Nitinol (nickel/titanium alloy) has become an increasingly popular material in the medical industry, largely due to its shape memory characteristics, where it is often used in stents, catheters and other implants. Medical device manufacturers often wish to mechanically bond Nitinol to another
  • Medical Device Link .
    Shape-Memory Alloy Could Enhance Prostheses Performance Nitinol, an unusual alloy that lends shape-memory characteristics to vascular stents and other small-scale products, may someday prove useful in medical devices of much larger size. Following studies of biomedical applications of nitinol
  • Emissivity Tables for Infrared Thermometers
    *(exp(C2/LT)-1)]. A material's surface emissivity is measured by the amount of energy emitted when the surface is directly observed. There are many variables that affect a specific object's emissivity, such as the wavelength of interest, field of view, the geometric shape of the blackbody
  • IC Temperature Sensor Accuracy Compensation with a PICmicro Microcontroller
    , the non-linearity has a parabolic shape. This application note derives an equation that describes the sensor's typical non-linear characteristics, which can be used to compensate for the sensor's accuracy error over the specified operating temperature range. A PICmicro Microcontroller Unit (MCU) can
  • How Hybrid Modeling Improves Reverse Engineering
    Hybrid modeling combines CAD with digital shape sampling and processing to speed the parametric and reverse engineering of complex parts. Digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) converts 3D scan data into digital models for design, visualization, analysis, and manufacturing. Combining

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