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...feature proprietary measuring optics that deliver sharp images over the entire field of view. Objectives ranging from 1 to 100x are available. Working envelopes range from 2 x 2 x 6 to 8 x 6 x 8 in. Users can custom configure systems from a selection of six stages and four stands. A linear scale...

They tend to lose their elasticity and tension. Once the tension starts dropping you'll begin having intermittant or high resistance connections. Beryllium copper holds up well. It maintains its tension and elasticity for more cycles than other metals. Sockets Avoid stamped pins that have sharp edges... diameter. It produces a burr-free cut with extremely sharp edges and a minimal heat-affected zone. The laser manufacturer specializes in highly accurate laser cutting and ablation systems that can realize microscale designs with clean cuts free of dross and oxides. Complete systems as well as laser sources... a package, including medical devices, has trouble spots that must be addressed during the initial design phase. For example, catheters often have connectors or hubs with sharp edges. If the packaging is not designed properly, such edges could breach the package 's integrity. A punctured package cannot...

...steel, such as 420, may be preferred for applications that require increased wear resistance to maintain a sharp cutting edge. Examples of the types of stainless steels used for various cutting and noncutting instruments are given in Table 1.1 Many of these components are traditionally produced in high...

...a sharp edge of the device puncturing the film. NEW TESTS Two new tests were created to investigate flex, abrasion, and shock hazard elements during the early phases of product and packaging design. When testing is done at an early stage of development, the final device shape will not have been...


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