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  • MEMBERSHIP LISTS, May 1, 1920
    Corrigan, F.S., Toronto , Canada, Sheet Metal Products Company .
    Mr. Kemp was born in Clarenceville, Quebec, fifty-six years ago and went to Toronto in 1886to engage in business with his brother under the name of the Kemp Manufacturing Company , which afterwards developed into the Sheet Metal Products Com- pany of...
    ...Robert M. Corl,' National Supply Bldg., 136 Huron St., Toledo, Ohio.-G. Julian Corman, 1808 Walnut St., Murphysboro, Ill. F. S. Comgan, Esq.,* Sheet Metal Products Co., Toronto , Canada.-E. Kenneth P... ...T. Coss,* c/o Celite Company , Lompoc, Calif.-R. A...
    Kemp, W. A., Toronto , Canada, Vice-president, Sheet Metal Products King, C. A., Near Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Famley Iron Company , Ltd.
  • Evidence for ductile deformation of single-crystal magnesium oxide subjected to thermal shock
    High-purity MgO crystals (Optical Grade, Norton Com- pany , Worcester, MA) measuring about 3 9 2 9 2 cm and containing less than 0.35 wt% of Al2O3 and less than 0.2 wt% each of SiO2, CaO, and Fe2O3 were cleaved... An approx. 0.5 mm thick nickel metal sheet (C525, Sherritt-Gordon, Toronto , Ontario, Canada, with 0.8 wt% of Co as primary impurity, and traces of Cu, Fe, S, and C at less than 0.029 wt%) was cut into strips...
  • Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Volume 233
    Toronto ETV Canada (2012b) Elgin Crosswind NX street sweeper technology fact sheet for Elgin Sweeper Company, Toronto ETV Canada (2012c) Elgin Eagle Series FW waterless street sweeper technology fact sheet for Elgin Sweeper Company , Toronto Fleming R (1978) Street cleaning practice, 3rd... Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 25(2):169–181 German J, Svensson G (2002) Metal content and particle size distribution...
  • Building a Roll-Off Roof Observatory
    Companies and Suppliers that offered brochures and advice on their products include the fol- lowing: Andex Metal Products (Ron Scott) Suppliers of Sheet Steel Roofing, Exeter, Ontario Layton Roofing (Blake Layton) Keswick, Ontario Bestway Casters (Fred and Richard Shouldice), Gormley, Ontario, Canada... John Ecclestone, former Manager Production and Design, University of Toronto Press Peter Sibbald Brown, Book Designer, Sutton...
  • ZEPST073
    Crucible Data Sheet , AISI 8620, Crucible Specialty Metals Division, Colt Industries, Syracuse, NY 14. ...Steels, Nickel Alloy Steels Data Book, Section 2, Bulletin A, The International Nickel Company , Inc., New York... Cold Finished Steel Bars: Selection and Uses, Stelco Inc., Toronto , Ontario, Canada, 1981 16.

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