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  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments
    and obscure them, rendering them useless during their intended application. During random vibration, swept sine or shock testing prior to flight, spacecraft payloads are. often fitted with accelerometers in hard to reach mounting locations. As the space structure is. built up around them, it can
  • Accelerometer Mounting Considerations
    An accelerometer is an instrument that senses the motion of a surface to which it is attached, producing an electrical output signal precisely analogous to that motion. The ability to couple motion, (in the form of vibration or shock), to the accelerometer with high fidelity, is highly dependent
  • Package Performance Testing Conundrum: Solved!
    hazards (e.g., shock, vibration, or compression) inherent to the transport and distribution of products to the end-user. The testing performed on the interior packaging after the 'conditioning' identifies whether the package system passes or fails. The pass-fail criterion (e.g., package leakage, loss
  • Determining PTH Integrity with Cross-Section Analysis
    that. addresses all legs of environmental stress, including but not limited to: thermal shock, high/low. temperature exposure, vibration, climatic cycling, temperature and humidity cycling and other similar. test requirements. When evaluating any press-fit pin application, it is important to confirm
  • Mechanical Force Analysis for Press Fit Applications
    requirements. as a baseline guide. Testing both before and after multi-axis environmental stress includes but is not. limited to: thermal shock, high/low temperature exposure, vibration, climatic cycling, temperature and. humidity cycling and other similar test requirements. In addition, to assure a wide
  • Accurately measuring ultraslow motion
    photoelectrically scan an incremental scale on a glass substrate. They are insensitive to shock, vibration, and temperature changes and feature +-1- m accuracy. When machine parts must withstand extreme temperatures 2,000 F in a jet engine, for example it is an understatement to say
  • Medical Device Link .
    includes a 5-year warranty. Terminal Dr., Plainview, NY 11803. For use on medical electronic products, an accelerated stress test system requires hours to reveal how a product will hold up during years of use. Stresses are placed on products through repetitive-shock vibration and temperature change
  • Adapting Press-Fit Technology - White Paper
    environmental conditions, such as automotive, has created additional challenges that most existing press-fit parts were not designed to withstand. In addition to the added rigors of vibration, thermal shock, etc., press-fits for such applications have much higher ampacity requirements than
  • FEA for the factory
    . Such simulation lets users "see " how components will respond to loads, pinpointing stresses associated with shock, temperature, vibration, and fluid flow. Users can test components in the digital world and iron out design flaws early in development ? Manufacturing-simulation software based on FE

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