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Parts by Number for Shock Mounts Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
353.1-19-25-1/4-55 Global Industrial J.W. Winco, Inc Not Provided J.W. Winco, Vibration / Shock Absorption Mounts, Conical Type, .75", 22 Max Load
452.2-51-19-3/8-55 Global Industrial J.W. Winco, Inc Not Provided J.W. Winco, Vibration / Shock Absorption Mounts Cylindrical Type, 2.00", 1045 Max Load
452.1-25-19-1/4-55 Global Industrial J.W. Winco, Inc Not Provided J.W. Winco, Vibration / Shock Absorption Mounts Cylindrical Type, 1.00", 140 Max Load
SS99010000 PLC Radwell Dolan Jenner Not Provided SS9 SHOCK MOUNTING KIT (8 SHOCK MOUNTS, 4 BRKTS &
SS99010000 PLC Radwell Danaher Controls Not Provided SS9 SHOCK MOUNTING KIT (8 SHOCK MOUNTS, 4 BRKTS &
440LAF6104 PLC Radwell Guardmaster Ltd Not Provided PIVOT BRACKET WITH SHOCK MOUNTS FOR POC/PAC
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  • Shock, awe, and vibration
    . Custom-designed Sorbothane isolators provide shock and vibration protection for disk drives, PCBs, and LCDs. Sorbothane mounts create lower system natural frequencies and guard against resonance. The real estate inside portable handheld electronics continues to shrink leaving designers no option
  • The Shock Spectrum: What Is It?
    Mechanical shock loads that are imparted to electrical and mechanical systems can degrade the performance of these systems or even. induce failure. It is therefore desirable to develop a methodology to guarantee the reliability of the more critical of these systems when they. are subjected
  • Trelleborg IAVS Replaces Engine Mounts on Round-The-World Trimaran
    movement under thrust forces. Metalastik® HT™ Cushyfloat® incorporates bump and rebound control features to limit excessive movement under shock and a corrosion-resistant metal cover to protect the rubber against oil contamination. Trelleborg Industrial AVS offers the Metalastik® HT™ Cushyfloat
  • Teccor Thyristor Surface Mount Soldering Recommendations (.pdf)
    . metallurgical bonding occurs. Zone 4: Cool-down Stage (180 °C to 25 °C). 1. Screen print solder paste. Assembly is cooled evenly so thermal shock to the components. (or flux). or PCB is reduced. The surface tension of the liquid solder tends to draw the leads of. the device towards the center
  • Vibration & Shock Isolation: Complex Driving Forces (.pdf)
    , each being a multiple of the basic (usually driving) frequency. Pages T1-1 thru T1-38 3. The displacements (max. deflections) of the mounts can be calculated from Equation (45) for any given single. disturbing force or torque. If several force/torques act simultaneously, vector addition
  • Guidelines for Surface-Mount Power Modules Using Column Pins with Solder Balls (.pdf)
    (as shown in Fig. 4). The amount of. Pul. Via. 7.58 (16.7) 0.05 (0.1). coplanarity compensation depends on the end. Shear Pad. 6.89 (15.2) 0.95 (2.1). PCB pad and stencil design, or the anticipated. solder joint size. Figure 5 demonstrates the. estimated coplanarity compensation capability of. Shock
  • Why use Industrial Ethernet Switches?
    Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed to operate in plant floor environments. The specifications of Industrial Ethernet switches (temperature, shock, vibration, etc.) meet or exceed the equipment being connected (PLC's, Ethernet I/O, HMI's, etc.). Most commercial Ethernet switches have
  • Medical Device Link .
    - and three-lead bicolor indicators. The indicators are shock and vibration resistant, use 90% less energy than incandescent units, generate no heat, and typically operate for 100,000 hours. The indicators come with straight terminals for wire wrapping or lead wires for soldering, and their black UL 94V-0
  • Application: Hospital Bed Position Detection Sensor (.pdf)
    There are a large number of applications requiring the detection of end limit position, where electric shock can be a real concern. Hospital beds, for example, need end position limits when adjusting the bed position. Reed Sensors are ideal in this application because they reliably pass very low
  • Perfect Optical Alignment Made Simple
    , this accuracy must. be maintained in harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures and high. vibration and shock. Alignment in these situations is traditionally accomplished with expensive. mirror mount setups that are inherently unstable and can change their accuracy at. the time of alignment

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