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  • Inferential Sensing Techniques to Enable Condition Based Maintenance
    OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer PoF Physics of Failure SRS Shock Response Spectrum SW Software UTS Ultimate Tensile Strength WINCE The on-vehicle software operating system used .
  • AsiaSim 2012
    After the upper computer receives the digital acceleration data, the software processes further analysis including FFT transformation, wave matching, shock response spectrum analysis, and etc.
  • Harris’ Shock and Vibration Handbook, Sixth Edition > PYROSHOCK TESTING
    The Fourier spectrum is an attractive alternative to the shock response spectrum because it is easy to compute and readily available in many software packages as a fast Fourier transform (FFT).
  • A Universally Applicable Methodology for Comparing, Calibrating, and Validating the Performance of Multi-Wheeled Combat Vehicle Computer Simulation Models to E...
    DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS ATC Aberdeen Test Center CG Center of Gravity CS Curb side (passenger side) DADS Dynamic Analysis Design System (multi-body dynamic software distributed by LMS International) DoD … … Road side (driver side) SRS Shock Response Spectrum T Transverse (side to …
  • Noise and Vibration Analysis: Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures
    … Nonproportional damping, see Damping Normal distribution, see Probability distribution Normal mode, 123 Nyquist frequency, 36 plot format, 100 Octave ( software ), see GNU Octave Octave … … definition of, 38 for shock response , 377 Parseval’s theorem discrete … … signals Partial coherent output spectra , see Conditioned signals .
  • Handbook of Space Technology Complete Document
    … 217 shielding 104 shirtsleeve environment 512 shock generating units 676 shock layer in front of a reentry vehicle 86 shock loads 204, 223 shock response spectrum (SRS) 676 shock tunnels 96 shock waves … … 742 soft landing 579 software 371 software development environment …
  • Mechanical Vibration and Shock Volume 2 Mechanical Shock
    … similar way, if the input is an absolute velocity according to time, the software provides a SRS … Shock Response Spectrum .
  • Reliability Technology: Principles and Practice of Failure Prevention in Electronic Systems
    … design robustness, 145 Shock durability, 146 Shock fragility testing, 146 Shock isolation techniques, 126 Shock isolation, 128 Shock pulse duration vs. Component natural frequency, 235 Shock pulse shapes, 117 Shock response spectrum (SRS), 116, 118, 119, 234 Shock testing, 116 Siemens SN … SMC QFP – solder joint shear stresses, 348 Soft solders, 62 Software development process, 29 Software reliability …
  • Mechanical Vibration and Shock Volume 1 Sinusoidal Vibration 2nd Edition
    These two criteria are the base of the extreme response spectra and fatigue damage spectra developed around 1975, unifying the methods of shock and vibration analysis. … many measurements and the realization of calculations, which led to the development of software running under Windows …
  • Vibrations and mechanical drive systems
    … SIMPLEX 279 simulation 6 f., 24, 101, 206, 210, 219 f., 225, 285 -, numerical 60 simulation account 105 simulation software 24, 225 Sinoide, inclined … … spectral matrix 165, 167 spectrum 199, 361, 377 closure … … 273, 349, 353 jump response 202 jump function 129 … … stick-slip-movement 134 stick-slip-effect 132 stick-slip-vibration 254, 263 shock 15, 238, 354 …
  • Nondestructive Testing of Deep Foundations
    … modified in the 1970s with the arrival of on-site computers and dedicated software , which allowed the … Since that time, the Sonic-Mobility method has received several names, leading to some confusion, and has variously been referred to as shock , transient dynamic response (TDR), Impulse Response, Impulse Response Spectrum (IRS) and various others.
  • Equipment Fragility Due to Shock Response
    [3] Liang, C.-C., Yang, M.-F., and Tai, Y.-S., “Prediction of Shock Response for a Quadrupod- mast Using Response Spectrum Analysis Method,” Ocean Eng., Vol. 29(8), 2002, pp. 887–914. … D. I., and Cofer, W. F., “Evaluation of Nonlinear Static Analysis Methods and Software Tools for Seismic …
  • Numerical simulation of the anti-shock performance of a gear case
    Shock responses in vertical direction and transverse direction are considered respectively when numerically stimulating the shock resistance of gear case based on software ABAQUS in this paper. Fig.5 Typical shock spectrum sketch .