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  • Common Questions on the Polyurethane Molding Process
    is Durometer and how is this measured?. Durometer is a type of hardness. measurement. In the context of wheels,. a Durometer rating allows us to quan-. tify just how hard a polyurethane tread. is. The particular scale used here was. invented by a man named Albert F. Shore and is often referred
  • Metallurgy makes or breaks tube fittings
    The best tube fittings balance hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance. Parker Hannifin's Suparcase ferrule-hardening process does not require the high temperatures and long durations of more-conventional case-hardening procedures that, in turn, lower stainless steel's corrosion resistance
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    products where a soft touch is desirable. The blend can be injection and blow moulded or extruded. Offered in 50, 60, and 70 Shore A hardnesses, the material has the properties of soft rubber at a price comparable to the polymers and thermosets it is designed to replace, according to the compounder
  • Medical Device Link . Identifying and Preventing Contamination from Pharmaceutical Packaging
    (chlorinated polyethylene elastomer) seal. The elastomer was reinforced with calcium carbonate and talc, the latter having been added to achieve a target Shore hardness. Although this goal was met, problems inherent to talc made its use less than desirable for this application. The talc did not form
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    pilot-operated valves have an adjustable set point. Air Logic, Racine, WI, USA. Soft medical plastic A medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer has a Shore A hardness of 3, and provides elongation values up to 1100%. The material exhibits a smooth, dry-to-the-touch surface, and costs less than latex rubber
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    . NexPrene 1200 is available in natural colors or in black with hardnesses ranging from 45 Shore A to 50 Shore D. The material tolerates high heat and is resistant to oil, making it suitable for use in gaskets, tubing, diaphragms, and valves. Zachary Turke. Showroom Seeks to Energize Interest
  • Medical Device Link . Materials Characterization as an Integral Part of Global Biocompatibility
    and available test methods. Hardness Testing. Hardness is generally defined as resistance to indentation, as scratch resistance, or as rebound resilience. ISO standards report three methods for measuring hardness: tests for Shore hardness, ball indentation, or Rockwell hardness.10,11 It is important
  • Injection Molded LSR for Syringe Applications
    was measured between two types of liquid silicone. rubber of 50 and 70 shore hardness, as well as a polyisoprene for comparison, and an un-. nucleated polypropylene . To measure the kinetic friction coefficient between the elastomers and. Figure 3. Comparison of curing reactions for comparable LSR
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting Viton (R) Rubber Gaskets
    cutting method, which eliminates the material deformation caused by mechanical cutting. This gasket was cut from commercial-grade Viton (R) (fluoroelastomer) rubber measuring 0.03125 " thick. This material, which has a durometer (hardness rating) of 75 on the Shore A scale, was cut using 200 watts
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    are commonly used on process lines operating at a rate of 5 m/min; the fluorescing materials enable in-line flow-through detection, allowing device packaging to follow immediately. Formulations range in viscosity from 45 to 1000 cp. Cured adhesives range in hardness from 65 to 80 Shore D and exhibit

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