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Parts by Number for Short Arc Mercury Lamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HB050WACL1 PLC Radwell Osram Sylvania Lighting, Halogen Light LAMP MERCURY SHORT ARC PHOTO OPTIC 37V 50W
HB050WACL1 PLC Radwell Osram Lighting, Halogen Light LAMP MERCURY SHORT ARC PHOTO OPTIC 37V 50W
XBO3000WWHSOFR PLC Radwell Osram Lighting, HID-Halide/Sodium/Mercury Vap LAMP XENON SHORT ARC 3000WATT
XBO3000WWHSOFR PLC Radwell Osram Sylvania Lighting, HID-Halide/Sodium/Mercury Vap LAMP XENON SHORT ARC 3000WATT

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    the average. speed batch processing. lamp warm-up time, disc rotation,. • short duration pulses;. power requirement for inline DVD. fast enough to avoid heat build-up. manufacturing from 6,000 watts. “The production of next generation formats. on the substrate. (using mercury vapour lamps) to less
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    damage to DNA and RNA nucleic aci. C:\Clients\Xenon\Brochure Steri U V T R E A T M E N T. for. S A N I T I Z A T I O N. a n d. S T E R I L I Z A T I O N. "Xenon's pulsed UV is an advanced sterilization agent which can displace. continuous wave UV mercury vapor arc lamps in all applications
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