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  • Global Shutter Imaging
    High-speed, smear-free still image capture is the hallmark of Teledyne DALSA's Falcon cameras. Applications such as traffic management, metrology and robotics inspection all need to image fast-moving objects without smear or distortion. To meet this need, Teledyne DALSA offers true global shutter
  • Automatic Mechanical Shutter & Automatic Black Reference (.pdf)
    The use of an internal mechanical shutter has become one of the most popular features on our newest Phantom camera models. This Automatic Mechanical Shutter feature automatically shades the sensor during a Current Session Reference (CSR). This allows the camera operator to do a CSR without manually
  • HR4000 and USB4000 Shutter Mode Performance in Hardware Trigger Mode
    . This is due to the differences in the timing signals between the two operating modes. Specifically when operating in External Hardware Trigger mode, the Toshiba TCD1304 detector is being operated in Shutter mode. This is done to continuously clear the detector while waiting for the trigger signal
  • Digital Particle Image Velocimetry Using a Sensicam Double Shutter
    Experimental studies of flow-velocity fields have been greatly advanced by the development of optical techniques that do not interfere with or disturb the flow. One of these, the laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) technique, has been widely used in velocity measurements. But since the technique
  • Dose Sontrol System Sensing Calibration
    System" (DCS) mode. A simple menu allows switching between modes. When used with properly configured equipment the dose integration is started automatically when the shutter of the light source is opened. The shutter is automatically closed when the predetermined dose has been delivered.
  • Auto-Exposure (.pdf)
    feature. Auto Exposure is beneficial when the overall lighting changes dramatically during a recording. As the lighting changes, the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to maintain a constant light level in the defined area.
  • CAD models in stereo
    . A stereoscopic projection system boasts 8.85-megapixel resolution for displaying data in superhigh detail. The projection system uses Beacon 8MP patent-pending shutter technology developed by Marshalltown, Iowa. The shutter produces active-stereo images at ultrahigh resolution without the need
  • Piezo Motors Shrink a Zoom Module to 6 mm Thickness
    and width (13 x 23 mm for the reference design) would be determined by the optics, shutter and desired stroke. New Scale's micro motion designs allow OEMs to embed smaller, higher-performance optics into cameras and imaging systems for consumer, security, industrial, military and medical applications.
  • Live! Exposed! And on the Web!
    camera. From Logitech Inc. of Fremont, Calif., it shoots images at a 640 480 (VGA) resolution. A microphone and software for video editing, photo enhancement and digital surveillance are included. Billed as the first complete digital-imaging module, the PCM2112 combines a lens/shutter assembly
  • Data Rate, Transfer Rate, or System Throughput
    the added time for display or even digitization. In another example, a data rate or digitization speed may refer to the speed of the converter used for digitization, but not the other processes ending with display. The key consideration here should be, "How long from the time the shutter closes do I have
  • Unilever Solves Packaging Issues Using 20/20 Hindsight High-Speed Video
    can quickly make the proper adjustments and improve efficiency. With shutter speeds up to 1/100,000th of a second, 20/20 Hindsight instantly captures the action and allows slow motion playback with frame-by-frame analysis. 20/20 Hindsight can be used anywhere in the plant to eliminate packaging
  • Troubleshooting Triumph at Dannon
    images/sec at a shutter speed of up to 1128,000 sec, the high-speed, digital-video system helps Dannon's plants solve complicated production and quality issues, which require the ability to actually see problems as they occur at high speeds. Dannon's move to 20/20 Hindsight at its Minster, OH
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    as fab shells fill up Canon plans new materials plant to support ramp in 193-nm scanners Photobit adds electronic shutter to CMOS image sensor Intel backs away from CDMA chip market Marvell's 2Q sales jump 91% LinkUp forges partnership with Arm TI completes Burr-Brown purchase to strengthen analog
  • Computer Power User Article - Road Warrior
    will offer such advanced camera features as a dedicated shutter button, a built-in flash (with red-eye reduction), and up to 20X digital zoom. Xpress Transfer software and Nokia LifeBlog are included to share and edit images on the phone or PC. Users

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