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  • Snaxpo 2000 — Packaging Exhibitor List/Products
    ...package; TopZipÔ System places the recloseable plastic zipper on the top and short side of the package... ...on most existing V/F/F/S systems; Autocard H semi-automatic header card applicator for pouches requiring header card... Automated Packaging Systems, Inc. - Sprint bagger, which presents multiple pre-made open bags simultaneously allowing more than one bag at a time to be loaded automatically or by hand, processes bags with reclosable zippers at speeds to 80 bags per minute with...
  • Shopping In Misc Electronics - Big Bruin
    Works with AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Alltel, but not with T-Mobile. This combo includes a heavy-duty carry bag to keep your treasured tool safe in. Comes with nylon zippers, carry handles, shoulder strap and zipper-close side pouch for maps.
  • noun.animal (
    ...Tamias_striatus, squirrel,@ genus_Tamias,#m (small striped semiterrestrial eastern American squirrel with cheek pouches ) } { Eutamias, genus_Eutamias, mammal_genus... ...noun.body: mamma,@ female_mammal,#p (an udder or breast or teat) } { udder, bag , noun.body:mamma... ...for herding cattle) } { quarter_horse, saddle_horse,@ (a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile... ...a horse trained to a special gait in which both feet on one side leave the ground...
    ...pores pored porgy porks porno ports poses posed poser posit posse posts potty pouch poufs pound pours... ...showy shown shred shrew shrub shrug shuck shuns shunt shush shuts shyly sibyl sides sided sidle siege... ...azures babels babied babies baboon backed backer backup bacons badger badges baffle bagels bagged bahama bailed bailer... ...spotty spouse spouts sprain sprang sprats sprawl sprays sprees spread sprier sprigs spring sprint sprits sprite sprout...
  • Earth Photography: It's Harder Than It Looks
    They shine green lasers, xenon strobes, and halogen spotlights at us as we sprint across the sky. One was a toilet for the NASA side of space station. It sported an injection port for filling our drink bags and rehydrating freeze-dried food with our... It also had a hot box for warming thermally stabilized meat pouches (canned meat without the can...
  • mysql-wn-data.sql (\
    ...102356825,'n',5,'burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae having large external cheek pouches ; of Central America... ...for herding cattle'),(102382147,'n',5,'a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile... reddish strips on side '),(102603599,'n',5,'a genus of Mullidae'),(102603740,'n',5,'schooling goatfish... ...and supplies of an army'),(102770331,'n',6,'a railway car where passengers\' bags are carried'),(102770470...
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    ...'). g(102013058,'(kangaroo mice)'). g(102013191,'(small silky-haired pouched rodent; similar to... ...herding cattle)'). g(102041055,'(a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile... ...a horse trained to a special gait in which both feet on one side leave the ground... ...lateral motion)'). g(102336534,'(a safety restraint in an automobile; the bag inflates on collision...
  • noun.idx (
    ...@ %s 1 03074822 sidewinder n 3 2 @ #m 2 01116209 03074961 siding n 3 2... ...%p 3 03874548 00589679 00478181 sleeping_around n 0 1 @ 1 00477163 sleeping_ bag n 1 1... ...0 1 @ 1 03488735 slimy_milkcap n 0 1 @ 1 08116882 slimy_ pouch n 0 1... ...@ 1 04862660 sprinkling n 1 1 @ 4 08423868 06519635 00575308 00155891 sprint n 3 2...
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    ...and western United States'). g(102328626,'kangaroo mice'). g(102328759,'small silky-haired pouched rodent; similar to... ...trained for herding cattle'). g(102357200,'a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile... ...'a horse trained to a special gait in which both feet on one side leave the ground... ...that is added for strengthening'). g(102743487,'lighting from behind'). g(102743566,'a bag carried by a...
  • Fluid Lavage of Open Wounds (FLOW): design and rationale for a large, multicenter collaborative 2 × 3 factorial trial of irrigating pressures and solutions in ...
    No pressure will be applied to the bag of solution. ...large open wounds (Types III), temporary local antibiotic administration will be permitted (bead pouch ) until definitive wound... For the comparisons of the three different pressures, we have chosen a two- sided alpha level of... In the SPRINT trial, the reoperation rate in 400 patients with open tibial fractures was 27% (95%CI...
  • Sports Injuries
    ...aerobic conditioning (to prevent fatigue-related missteps); modifying the usual “cutting�? or “ side -stepping�? maneuver from... ...head, glenoid labrum, long head of the biceps tendon, subscapularis tendon, axil- lary pouch , capsular ligaments, synovial... ...should per- form lower extremity strengthening and participate in a run- ning program, including jogging and sprints . Palpation of the scrotum is like feeling “a bag of worms�?.
  • Operative Hip Arthroscopy
    From an anterolateral portal, sweeping directly along the lateral side of the femoral head down into the... It is often posteriorly adher- ent to the neck and forms a small pouch . The first patient was injured during a sprinting event, the second was injured while competing in rugby... The ice bag can first be applied by the recovery room nurse.
  • Intensive Care Medicine
    Side Effects of Flucytosine and Amphotericin on Renal and Hepatic Function ...hyperam- monemia in their differential diagnosis when examining a patient with bladder or pouch retention combined with... ...T, Compte AL, Willacy M, et al (2006) A pilot study of the SPRINT protocol for tight... This solution is prepared in bicar- bonate-buffered 4.5 liter bag ; 1 liter is replaced by...
  • Shadows of the Prophet
    The blade curves out from inside of the fist, jutting out to the side in a small... from his boot, one from the collar, and several from his many pockets and waist pouch . Mut Nor is said to have sprinted away from Russian helicopter gunships and avoided bullets by dodging... They brought two container loads of possessions with them including sleeping bags , clothes, tinned food, nappies, and...

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