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Parts by Number for Sight Flow Meter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SF2134 PLC Radwell Dwyer Not Provided SERIES SF2 SIGHT FLOW METERS

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  • Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Meters
    High accuracy, exceptional turndown, repeatability and speed of response have made turbine meters the meter of choice for obtaining precise flow measurements in liquids and gases. But unlike the outdated notion that many users have of a mechanical meter, modern turbine meters are utilizing state
  • Gages and Meters
    Any fluid system may need to measure pressure, flow, or fluid level. Typically, measurements can be made with dozens of different types of gages connected directly to the system; alternatively, special sensors on the equipment can generate air or electrical signals that are displayed remotely
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    Plant engineers have many flow measurement technology options when selecting flow sensors or flow meters to optimize heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) and process control systems. It is therefore helpful to understand in some detail, the multiple types of flow meters and flow sensor
  • Medical Device Link .
    rapidly. In the United States, 48% of hospitals report a definite increase in their IT budgets, and 65% report an increase in IT staff.1 The healthcare IT staff position in greatest demand is the clinical informaticist, the professional who is in charge of automating work flow at the point of care
  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector
    . Manometers. Digital. Fluid Filled. Single Pressure. Gages - Dial. Gages - Digital. Switches. Transmitters. Accessories. Air Velocity. Air Flow. Filters. Stations. Switches. Air Velocity. Kits - Digital Manometer. Kits - Fluid Manometer. Meters. Transmitters. Fume Hood Monitors. Pitot Tubes. Vaneometers
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    Manometer. Kits - Fluid Manometer. Meters. Transmitters. Fume Hood Monitors. Pitot Tubes. Vaneometers. Windmeters. Flow. Flow Indicators / Controllers. Flow Sensors. In-Line (Averaging Pitot Tube). Magnetic Flow Meter. Paddlewheel. Flow Switches. Paddle. Shuttle / Piston. Thermal. Piezo. Flow
  • RAGWORM (R) Water Jet Cutting Machine Removes Storage Tank Floors, Roofs
    contractor and site management, the project was four days ahead of schedule when the cutting was done. Jet Set's operators cut the complete bottom of the 70 meter (230 feet) diameter tank into plates of 6X2 meters or 19.7X6.6' in no more than 100 cutting hours, despite the fact that 20 percent
  • Medical Device Link .
    not require a vacuum chamber or cleanroom of its own. It works in an open, ambient environment at atmospheric pressure and room temperature, making it much more user-friendly than systems needing special environments.". The PT2000P is equipped with a digital plasma exposure meter, a plasma intensity
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design
    materials such as water,. tude modulation of the field. concrete, plastic, etc. (no line-of-sight required). • Basic data formats that can be used in this kind of. • Limited and precise control of range - This may be. application. a disadvantage if long range is required, but for. • A description
  • Infrared Inspections of Dry-type Transformers
    that there is adequate heat flow through structural components necessary for an accurate inspection. While it is possible to conduct energy loss inspections with a lesser inside/outside temperature differential, the likelihood of missing defects increases with a decrease in Delta T. IR inspections

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